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Sunday, 19 February 2006

Yay! My first blog post...

Lolz everyone,

Yay, finally i'm in this whole bloggy business that is spreading round the world like wildfire...:D

This is the first blog i ever have. Haha, so i am a newbie here... pls everyone qing3 duo1 duo1 zhi3 jiao4, K?

As for Jane, Kai Herng and those who initiated the blog, i muz really apologise to you all. Sorry :P

So this blog is currently thriving, with so many ppl actively posting here...Yay, three cheers for all of us! Keep it up! Hope there will never be a time when we need to resurrect this blog...

Majulah 06s7d...

p.s. forgive me if anyone spots any grammatical or spelling errors within my english is lousy...hehe, if you are kind enough, inform me about the errors to prevent me from chu1 chou3-ing. thanx!



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