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Tuesday, 28 February 2006

yay just bored

hello hello, i havent been blogging in awhile
i just saw the photos for the STJ and i thought they were pretty amusing lol. u two are quite photogenic no?

today we had econs ILP someone out there owes our group 250 jumping jacks. just think, we bought u guys chocs and all we're asking for is some jumping jacks lol. at first we were thinking just give u all fake credits/money let u all bid, but then u all wouldnt feel the pinch and will therefore bid to crazy ridiculous prices (say, a google?) but anyway i guess the jumping jack method sort of worked yarh? cos only one person siao enough to say 250. i think its andrew. u watch out man.

we also did that stupid GP thing today. ARGH. paraphrasing is CRAP. hate it hate it hate it. fail fail fail.


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