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Friday, 31 December 2010


hello people!

i finally figured how to use my google account. yes i'm a freaking dinosaur.

Anyway here are the polaroid shots taken during our adventure to NEXX and Nik's house, courtesy of Jaime.

Marvel at this rare shot of liang en! (Most of) Aaron made it inside this shot too. Wonderful shot taken by me :P

Everybody who went! Jane would have been here to if not for some evil weather/kimchi in korea that made her sick. Don't worry Jane next time it will be at your house hehe.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Outing 16th dec

Hai, let me post my exceedingly detailed and well thought out plan for the 16th which will be undoubtedly great and none of you will have any better suggestions.

12pm meet at city hall
1pm Go for lunch after late comers arrive
2.30pm go bowl at marina square
3pm realise bowling is full and go for pool instead
5pm get tired of pool and go eat desserts
6pm eat dinner

Hesitate a lot in posting better suggestions!


more snow! :D

the snow was amazingly pretty today so i just decided to try to capture them on camera. don't think my camera skills were pro enough, so this will have to suffice.. or maybe some things are just meant for the eye to see and enjoy :)

for some reason the snow was chunky and the details were very obvious to the naked eye, unlike other days when the snowflakes are small and dissolve almost immediately/clump together.


hope everyone else's doing fine. i know the people in singapore are alr done with exams right? :P i'm into my last week of the sem here already, one more exam paper to go. have fun and happy holidays everyone! 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010



And the excitement runs out after 5 seconds. Hope you guys are having fun in Singapore. Because it is freezing in London. Ask Nik to organise class outings, I won't be back in December :P