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Friday, 27 April 2007

Sunday, 22 April 2007

And two more essays

“Describe Chia Ming.”

Chia Ming is a carbon-based life form that resides on the planet Earth. Throughout the history of the species, the Chia Ming has evolved from a primitive primate to a sophisticated being. One would have to look to evolution for the most probable explanation for the origins of Chia Ming’s characteristic laughter. Chia Ming has always been hunted by her predator, the “Ewetos*”. However, over the years, Chia Ming has developed a method of escape by speedily rowing away on water, a camouflage mechanism to blend with the dense undergrowth, as well as a defence mechanism comprising a sudden outburst of laughter that either scares the wits out of the predator or paralyses it. Laughter is contagious, so they say.

The less adaptable Ewetos has been forced to turn to alternative sources of food as it has not developed the cure or resistance for uncontrollable laughter, which has resulted in the rapid multiplication of Chia Mings. This reduced predation has brought more happiness to Chia Ming, who is usually seen smiling.

* Fictitious character; any resemblance to real person(s), living or dead, is unintended and purely coincidental.

“Describe Irvin.”

Irvin is a conscientious student who consistently puts in a tremendous amount of effort and takes pride in his work. His tutorials are neatly filled in and are often completed way in advance. Although he does not represent the school in national competitions such as the Olympiads, he shows that he can be as good as any of them through hard work and diligence.

One obstacle Irvin struggles with is a lack of confidence especially when speaking aloud to a group of people. Nevertheless, he is improving slowly but surely by participating in class discussions, presentations, and Project Work.

Also, Irvin is unceasingly (sometimes insultingly) and excessively modest, and would unfailingly decline and deny even well-deserved praises directed at him. However, such absolute absence of pride is highly suspicious, and one wonders if the slight smile he gives when attempting to be humble may actually hide something more devious.

Other than the above, Irvin generally fits the bill of the typical student from Hwa Chong. (See Appendix 1).

Appendix 1
General Description of a Typical Student from Hwa Chong:
· Hails from the High School Section (for males)
· Avid supporter of Xiao Mi Mi Economic Rice
· Keeps a standard hairstyle
· Studies hard
· Achieves stellar grades
· Holds a leadership position
· Complains of stress

Hmm running out of ideas already... I should just bring all my bio notes for every bio lesson.

And a (hypothetical) kookie for you to (hypothetically) eat if you figure out where (the hypothetical) ewetos came from.

Monday, 16 April 2007


It looked blacker in the dim lighting of the cafe. Talk about retribution =P Too bad I didn't take a photo of TYZ's food. God knows what spices/ ingredients they used.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Class outing

Tomorrow: Marina Bay MRT, 3pm
Bowling, pool.
Cya there (:
After this we shall proceed to Bugis for JTS! Yay!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

"Describe Niklas" [10]

Haha here's my punishment-for-not-bringing-bio-notes essay. Enjoy =p

Tay Kiat Aun, Aaron

“Describe Niklas”. [10]

Niklas is a heterogametic organism belonging to the species homo sapiens in the genus Homo, family hominidae, order primate, class mammalia, phylum chordata and kingdom animalia. He is the offspring of Mr. Wong and Ms. Sommer, making him half-chinese and half-german.

Being a member of the Gifted Education Programme, Integrated Programme and Science Talent Programme, Niklas is intellectually inclined and does consistently well in his exams as long as he studies. Despite this, Niklas is not arrogant; he is in fact very humble. For example, when conferred the title as the “best looking guy in school” in a recent unofficial survey, he smiles and dismisses it, saying that there are other better looking people around.

Niklas is also very determined and committed. Niklas attends intensive canoeing training every week without fail so as to maintain his dominance in canoeing competitions. Niklas is indeed a true champion for his sport – he maintains a strong anti-drug stance even though his rivals are known to use performance enhancing drugs in a forceful show of integrity.

In addition, Niklas is diligent and does all his tutorials punctually. He consistently brings his tutorials and notes to lessons as he is well aware of the dire consequences of failing to do so. One bad habit of his, however, is that he is untidy and does not file his documents regularly. Nevertheless, this may translate to an unexpected benefit as this compensates for his mediocre memory. As he conceded, the reason why he brought his notes on homeostasis for biology tutorial one day was because he did not file it away, unlike a few other more organised students.

(Later handwrote: Niklas is also very kind and helpful - he helped me print my (this) essay.)

Saturday, 7 April 2007


JTS will be held next Saturday, in the evening, at Fish & Co. (most likely, the glass house). Please comment if you:
  • Don't like the venue
  • Don't like the restaurant (since, after all, we went there last year)
  • Don't like the timing (although chances are this will remain fixed unless 21/22 cannot make it :D)