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Wednesday, 8 February 2006

its late at night

yay everybody's offline and presumably sleeping save for me and jane...why does this class sleep so ridiculously early? lol. maybe i'll get influenced and my dark eye bags will finally sink into oblivion. perhaps if i slept early, i would save myself from inclinations to fall asleep during bio pracs and kana scolding.

i've just finished mutilating my portion of the econs ILP so that it will be able to squish into 3 pages...3 pages...really...its apalling. It will have to be so concise that it will barely contain anything. why double space? why 12? why arial? the only way we can negotiate around this is to extend the margins, which is a tad obvious, really.

and why do we have to have a familiarisation run? and on friday too!

i dont know why the heck im typing all this crap in the dead of the night when i ought to be sound asleep in my fluffy wuffy bed, and you're probably wondering why you're wasting 2 mins to read all this. i dont know. blame it on the inability to sleep. i shall go do some light reading. and fret over o's. i hope new pple come in, and nobody leaves, because how sad would that be? lets go watch xiao hai bu ben 2!

Adios my dynamic durians!
Wai Lumn

Random fact of the moment: ants do not sleep
Random fact of the moment 2 : The energy of a discharge of an electric eel could start 50 cars.
Random fact of the moment 3: i'm retarded.


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