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Friday, 24 February 2006


We(e) got pwned for debates :<

Was a good fight by both sides though, though A15 probably won due to their style. Propo didn't prove their case, merely defending their impossible definition by pointing out that we didn't come up with a better one that was specific enough. We didn't kill their fallacious points enough either... Which turns the debate into like 2 soccer teams playing a defending game, or seeing who can build the tallest sandcastle.

Either how, I seriously don't think Jack should have gotten best speaker, for the simple reason that good debaters respect their opponents and not issue personal attacks. Maybe he feels insecure or whatever, but April or Liang En would be better candidates for best speaker :\

1 comment:

  1. yeah debates was very fun! for once i enjoyed losing :P

    i ended my speech 1 min ahead of time because there was nothing i could rebutt! haha. and i was talking too fast ><

    (jack is quite a nice guy lah..perhaps he was too fired-up for debates)