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Friday, 1 December 2006


Hi everyone happy December! Gasp, one month left. wth. ok nvm. Anyway, if anyone is feeling bored, rotting at home, looking at tutorials, notes, wondering whether to start, where to start, not wanting to start, or feel you haven't done enough crazy stuff, then you might just want to go to Escape Theme Park! Because....

Unlimited fun at Escape Theme Park @ only $6. Hurry down today!
Escape Theme Park is 6! Celebrate with us & get unlimited fun, thrill & rides at just $6 (adult/ child). Ice-cream, snacks and carnival coupons are all on us!

Terms & Conditions:

Valid from 4 Nov 06 to 2 Jan 07
Not valid with other promotions or offers
Not valid for Corporate or Travel Agents Sales

Maybe we can have another class outing ;)