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Friday, 31 March 2006


Hi all,

A suggestion here: sabbaticals is our class going to mass-participate in any one of the courses? Btw, who is holding on to the list? Realised that there is no info available on the IVLE (only has high school sabbats)...:(


hey two adverts!
number one! class tee...pple come up w/ designs and share w/ the class:) preferably we can settle this soon. hmm lets put a two week cap on it k? if by next next week fri no one comes up w/ a design, then whoever wants to (probably me and JR) will just anyhow design something out and u all will have that on ur class tee lol. so if u dont trust our art (please dont) start coming up with funkky apparel designs nowwwwww.
number two! class SL! ooi ok we got a few options
a) do some fundraising carnival thing
b) perform service for an org for a certain length of time (ie free labour)
c) other sort of fundraisers in school--selling certain items? services?
d) others?

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

just dropping by...
hahaha why does Mrs F always catch me sleeping???? darn. i swear, there's something in the bio lab air. i dont feel sleepy in any of the other venues, even chem lab, and goodness knows how hot and stuffy that place can be. what is in the bio lab air????
big mystery.
something that doesnt agree with the awake half of my brain obviously.
any other victims of this mysterious affliction?

Thursday, 23 March 2006


Date: 24 March (Saturday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Cathay Cineleisure
Movie: V for Vendetta

Anyone wants to watch? Pls comment if you wish to ^^ (I'm watching)

We most likely have to reserve tickets if we want to sit together/get good act fast!


We can have dinner nearby too...details to be confirmed

EDIT: Due to less-than-optimal attendance, this class outing has been scrapped. Next time I guess!

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Project Work

According to some quite reliable (hopefully?) source from another class, the topics for Project Work this year (by MOE) are 1) "Momentum" and 2) "Tradition".

Like wtf...

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

hey people. here, just for fun:

1. There are no stars, which can fit in your pocket.

Given this fact, which of the following is definitely false:
a) All the pocket stars that exist are not cold.
b) Any pocket star that exists is very bright.
c) No pocket-sized star can be held in your hand.
d) Some pocket-sized stars are blue.

2. If Steve exists then he dislikes all those who do not dislike themselves, and some of those who do dislike themselves.

Does Steve dislike himself?
a) If he exists then yes, because if he did not dislike himself then he would be breaking the condition that he dislike all those who do not dislike themselves.
b) If he exists then no, because if he did dislike himself he would be breaking the condition that he dislike some of those who do dislike themselves.
c) There is no way to tell on so little information.
d) No, because he could not exist.

give it a go. haha

Monday, 20 March 2006

wah ahahahhaha why so many complaints about sputnik camp?

hey pple chee yang sang quite nice today:) if got extra money go vote him. i think he's sure to get in finals right? yay dunno who the hell he is but since its our school's idol, must vote in!

speaking of idols, tmrw night's faculty idol competition will be won by apollo. ok i take no responsibility if this doesnt happen but i have absolute faith in my prediction. yup so everybody must jia you for apollo k?

just a note: mondays are damn sian!

Sunday, 19 March 2006


Boo, we all got scammed about the sputnik camp. Don't be fooled by the rosy pictures painted by those below, (it's like pure sarcasm), it was a horrible event =(

First thing, it probably was never meant for us. We were the only JC, and some speculate that it was an admin mess-up that got it to our side. Others believe a conspiracy involving the bio department, papers, and shinyness. Will not elaborate further.

Credit will be given for ACJC's attempt at a humorous video, though I think our school's videos are better. Anyway, after a short pointless and confusing introduction, we were split into groups. First off were ice breakers, where we got to know all our irritating groupmates.

[rant]First impression of annoying bugger from god knows where: Attention seeking, talks alot. Will let him live. [/rant]

Then we did some weird treasure hunt thingy. Involved papers pasted in random locations. And answering a MCQ question using our combined psychic powers to sense and predict the answer.

blahblah, used my ability to dao and anti-social to hide. Contributed to the group by doing some short story using 5 words though. Used one sentence. "He transformed some atoms into E. coli in a sunspot using the Force, some friction and a frog." My input caused our group to jump and become the fastest group. *ego inflates*

After that we visited the lab where people demonstrated how to dissect cockroaches. Cockroaches were chloroformed. No hands on. Sadistic urges not satisfied. Sad

Then we had a talk on DNA. I can't remember what they were talking about since I fell asleep. Then they gave us a paper with the 4 nucleotides, which we were supposed to cut out. And figure out how the hydrogen bonds were supposed to form. 90% of time: Cutting the thing. 1% of the time: Putting the paper on the table. And turning it. 6% of time: looking around, and asking what we were supposed to do. 3% of the time: Waving to the person and asking them to check if it was right.

How difficult is it to put two pieces of paper together? It's like doing a jigsaw puzzle. With 2 pieces.

Then we went for lunch. Didn't have any cards on us, so we were sad and couldn't play anything.
Then we went for some programming thing. It was dumb. And simple. And I spent the time thinking of ways to make the program in only 1 state.. Oh, and I got a prize for finishing some weird program thingy the fastest. (First attempt failed because I forgot to put the direction sign for one of em! Stupid. But i troubleshot and completed it again before anyone else got close. *muttermutter*) Then I tried to help Alvin bully newb too, but he didn't want to copy and lost to the little bugger.

[rant]2nd impression: little bugger ripped off program from someone else. or something. then attempts to look smart by spouting irrelevant stuff and talking much about nothing. Much hate. [/rant]

Went for video quiz thing. Waved at cm who had also bullied newbs and gotten prize. Found out Koo also bullied newbs and gotten prize. Went to sit down. Stupid bugger sat next to me. Vents anger on helpless wrapping paper of prize thingy.

[rant]Bugger is trying to look smart, by using long words, and using minor trivia knowledge. Doesn't shut up even if he doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. Likes to wave hand in grand gestures. Resists urge to thwap something. [/rant]

Went for cookies! Or biscuits. Or something. Played 2-man bridge.. whee.
Psycho-analyzed person incharge of our group. Predicted correctly.

Visited some mini-science center thingy, and actually learned some physics thing about momentum and spinning wheels. Which we won't care about since we don't take physics anyway.. Spent most of the time crapping with Jaime/Alvin. Successfully avoided irritating little kid. Then me/alvin jumped group and joined jaime's, but it didn't make much of a difference since both groups were going to the same place anyway. Played some weird ping pong game, Alvin imba'd with softball catching powers. Me stoned at side.

Then we did some weird sudoku thing.

[rant]stupid idiotic bugger of kid was acting smart AGAIN. and looking like a complete idiot. Couldn't he just shut the heck up and think instead of making pointless comments like "okay i will use my other method now. This is a game of logic." MUCH HATE! The he started spouting gibberish and using long words in the WRONG context. "If I superimpose this element and postulate this argument.." WTH IS WRONG WITH HIM?? THE MUTILATION OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!! My IQ dropped just by listening to his brainless retardese, and for a sidenote if he ever happens across this site:
su·per·im·posed, su·per·im·pos·ing, su·per·im·pos·es 1.To lay or place (something) on or over something else. 2. To add as a distinct feature, element, or quality: superimposed her own interpretation when she retold the story. You don't /superimpose/ numbers as a way to solve sudoku. I have no idea how you can remotely use superimpose in that context. Heck, you can even assume numbers to fill a certain square, but you don't superimpose a number there. Bloody idiot.
Then not to mention he likes to doubt other people, especially when we already tell him that something has to go there. Me: 7 goes there. Bugger: Why? If you have no logic then all this is useless. Me: There's a 7 there and a 7 there therefore 7 must go there. Bugger: Hmmm. *note how he likes to make noise even when he's thinking*. Hmm. *Bugger looks at it a while*
Bugger: 7 must go there. It's impossible for it to go anywhere else so therefore 7 must be there.

Me glares. Same thing happened with Alvin. Dumb moron.

After that, when the judge person thingy came along with the book and checked our answer, he went to go screen the answers. And he screened it wrongly. How stupid can you get until you screen WRONGLY? They happily went go spam all the numbers in while I was camping at the side and slacking. Then I went over, took a look, and pointed out that their answer was wrong. It decided to ask me to explain why I was wrong. I pointed it out. It decided to think about it for a while and decided I was right. Again.

Spent time throttling air. Decided that little kids have not improved and they still deserve to die a horrible death. [/rant]

Nothing really eventful after that, except they were dragging it forever and I wanted desperately to go home so I could just get the heck out of the place.

Will resolve to check out anything before I agree to signup for anything ever again.

Little kids suck.

Apollo fac dance video

If you want it, get it HERE!

The dance still rocks.

Ok I know the holidays are ending (maybe "have ended" by the time you read this), so here's wishing you guys all the best for term 2, and may we be as whacky as ever! =)

Friday, 17 March 2006

kintups camp

HELLO! Yup shir li gave quite an accurate and detailed account of the sputnik camp. But I would like to share my view and my feelings. :D

Ok digressing a bit. Somebody, i'm not saying who but you know her very well, promised to be punctual, but... hehe oops was this supposed to be a secret?

Imagine the shock surprise we got when we realised that apart from the pple from our school (actually more like class, cos there was only one other guy not from our class who came from our school), the rest are secondary school students. And I guess the pple there thought we were sec4s too. Jaime managed to convince one person that she was sec4 from international school or something. Anyway, therefore, i felt kinda outta place. Like this whole thing actually wasn't really meant for us. It should be for the high school pple instead.

Oh but it was quite fun observing how niklas treats little kids younger students around him. Haha. Wanted to sabo him to go for some camp with pri4-6 kids, but he'll probably kill me, and then kill them. C'mon nik, LOVE THE CHILDREN.

Another positive thing about this camp is that, if i'm not wrong, the school paid for us so we got a free t-shirt, a free lunch, free notes, and for andrew, cm and nik, free water bottle for making kara turn left or right.

Erm. Apart from that, I think i'd rather do hw at home.

Aiyah ok lah, i enjoy crapping with nik and 'celebrating' when we became the last group right at the last minute. Oh and coming up with new scandals, and creating lame cheers, like "THREE! TWO! ONE! planck..." Ok ciao.

Thursday, 16 March 2006


actually i dunno what to put as a title, so i thought of "HI".

yeah hi everyone, its me. theres no need to laugh at this statement btw. cos i found that a lot of ppl think that im trying to be funny when im just making a random remark. then they conclude that i have very low lvl of humour. haha =)

very long nvr posted on class blog alr... think this is my second time in fact. anyway, lets talk about the class outing today.

hmm, personally i didnt find it very very fun leh... maybe i'll give it a 5-6/10 for entertainment and fun value only. ok anyway when i first came to Lot 1 to meet every1 else who were buying bubble tea, i actually had quite high expectations... thought it would be super-fun, which is what i thought of the STJ... u know after the STJ i really had sort of like hangover... cos it was all so funny and interesting and everything, so found my mind wandering back to last night (my hangover only lasted arnd 1 day). ok anyway not to say that this class outing was ultra-boring or anything, but that it just... felt short of my expectations. haha dunno how to put it.

ok so we went to ben sing's house. didnt play much tennis, altho most of the time was spent at the tennis courts. simply sat down and watched + G&B and just talk random stuff. oh, and we attempted to play truth or dare too but the game soon fizzled out... and i think like kat and cm are supposed to do some dares, but dunno what happened to them liao. maybe not daring enough. or they did already, but i forgot... haha =P

tried to play badminton with kat, shir li and ben sing. but wind was too strong, so we just went back to talk in the end. ok then there was this cute boy who wanted me to play his toy car with him. sometimes u just cant help being so attractive to small kids huh (ok to those who want to smash me/kill me/whatever me for this, plz forgive & forget. its a mei de. :) )

then after lazing around at the tennis court we went to laze around at the chairs & tables at the poolside. more G&B, and playing of board games...

ok.. this went on until a certain VIP arrived at CCK mrt.

poor cm, she thought the VIP was liang en. too bad it was just soon huat... if u wanna know more details about the scam, u can ask anyone who was there. haha we were all tricked...

ok after soon huat came it was more or less night time already. jr was voluntarily pushed into the pool. a certain other individual was supposed to join him too but too bad we couldnt get his hph out of his pocket. even on the pretext of using it to sms an impt person. haha

then we went up to ben sing's house to eat pizza & watch a bit of tv. oh and after that, played 2 rounds of mafia and then divided ourselves into the scrabble group, the hearts (i think) grp and the change-name group...hmm then the class outing more or less ended.

So thats what happened in a nutshell... yah actually maybe it wasnt so boring lah. its just that i thought that it was rather sianz at some pts in time.. still think we shldve watched a movie somewhere in between... of cuz with all the laughing going on, no one can be THAT bored. haha =)

yea... so thats it... cya all on mon. tue is founders day i think and theres the apollo idol thing... think the 1st few weeks of t2 will be quite fun and interesting =)

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

our trip to ben sing's house =D

Hmmm today my nice, considerate, caring and kind classmates starved. Cos I was ultra late and they were waiting for very very very long to go eat together. I'm so touched='( Hahaha k so suddenly I made a resolution to be EARLY in future! (then alvin dun need complain so much liao:P) I am a very punctual person ok

Later we went Ben Sing's house and played tennis (or tried to) and after pairing up with Niklas, I concluded that Niklas: arm power = infinite, patience = limited, accuracy = non-existent. Congratulations:P Ok nvm I just realised that ppl who have none of the above qualities should not comment on others haha.

Oh there was this ultra cute little boy who gave Kai Herng a little toy car. And Kai Herng tried to roll it back to him. Not gracious at all la. Yup then I thought the little kid was speaking chinese so I tried to talk to him in chinese until other ppl told me he wasn't speaking anything he was just making rubbish sounds -__-

Hmm after that we played football with tennis balls, and rediscovered our childhood on the nice seesaw, and tried to wade around in the pool but ended up getting scolded by an old man -__- And also SOON HUAT THE RETARD scammed me the entire afternoon!!!! I hate him now hahaha. But nvm I feel a bit better cos everyone else got scammed as well:P

Later we went up to eat pizza and watched this very boring and supposedly sad chinese show cos Shir Li wanted to watch. I found it super funny hahaha. What kind of depressed person talks about wanting to be a peacock.. what's her problem.. -__- Then we played mafia and some lame games and went home. Well some ppl thought today quite sian la but I had fun!:D

Tuesday, 14 March 2006


ok. greetings everyone. tomorrow meet @ 2.50pm @ CCK MRT control station. If you want to have lunch, meet earlier @ 1.15pm. To the guitar people: bring clothes tmr, so can go straight to CCK ok? Lunch will be @ lot 1.

I have booked the tennis courts from 3-5pm. To those with tennis/badminton rackets, bring them, plus the balls and shuttle cocks. No badminton court but can play without net I suppose =p I'm tennis n00b..yay..

Also bring clothes to be wet. If not the weather will be really hot and everyone will get bored so I expect the pool to look temptingly refreshing. Or the jacuzzi. Whatever.

And can everybody bring some games along. Not only cards, but board games of various kinds to last for about 2 to 3 hours. Can play downstairs by the pool cos upstairs not enough place to fit like 20+ people. Rationale: my collection of games seem boring, and I don't think we want to end up playing bridge for 2 hours, am I right?

For dinner maybe we can order pizza or something. Yongzi, don't worry, we will wait for you (and the class fund :) Slack slack slack until any time then the security guards will probably chase everyone out by 11pm =p

Monday, 13 March 2006


DATE: 15/3 (Wednesday)
TIME: 1500h - 1900h+
VENUE: Bensing's House

Yay! Thanks Bensing for making his house (condo) available! There will be 2 tennis those who have tennis rackets and balls, pls bring them along. This is IMPT, cos bensing only has 2 rackets...and a few balls :P

Gym, jacuzzi, swimming pool also available.

Meet at Choa Chu Kang MRT control station at 2.50pm. Most probably we'll be having dinner at Lot 1.

See you there! ^^


Edit: Yes pls bring along swimming stuff too. For those who want to go somewhere else b4 this, feel free to go ahead.

Holidays at last...

Phew...finally it's holidays. Time to take a break. But holidays nobody can play bridge or hearts with me...sobs...i miss those games!

Ha, talking about hearts, yay! now our class has a new game, besides bridge. Hearts is a SABOTAGE fun! Try to shoot the moon, and if u fail...BOOM, u get 25 points and become the ultimate loser...:-( Haha...

Finally it's holidays... shall rest well, so that next term i'll start afresh... ha, wish everyone a happy hols!

Sunday, 12 March 2006


Hey I'm feeling bored late in the night again. So... I've decided to let you guys watch some videos.

Some of you may have seen this before. It's some china guys lip-synching backstreet boys in a really funny way.

As Long As You Love Me

I Want It That Way


Saturday, 11 March 2006


Feeling I decided to extend on the CMD concept

CMD discovered in non-CM humans
By: Gnis Nimajneb

Recent discoveries of the Chiasm Spongiform Mingsticus virus (or CMD for short), more commonly known as the laughing virus, in non-CM humans have sprouted worries that the virus has mutated to make non-CM to non-CM human transmission possible. A non-CM was spotted in a well-known institution in Singapore with the tell-tale symptoms of the disease, specifically absolutely nothing and almost everything. The patient has been admitted into the Institute of Unknown Diseases for further observation and has been labelled as patient zero. Till now, it is not determined how many other non-CM humans patient zero has been in contact with before being discovered.

The Singapore Health Organisation has placed Bukit Timah on the list of high-risk infected areas, and is currently funding research on a possible cure of the highly contagious disease. Meanwhile, the institution where patient zero was found has also undertaken the necessary precautions, which include the administration of high concentrations of Continuous Noise (CN), administered by Noise Inducing Educated (NIE) qualified specialists on non-CM humans suspected to have the disease. Recent fears, however, that the method of administration would cause extensive nervous and cranial damage have sparked harsh criticisms from the public. Ook Werdna, Associate Professor of 7DMF, suggests that the institution isolate non-CM humans who show signs of having the disease, in an attempt to curb its spread.

Meanwhile, the public at large need not worry. Although still largely unknown, the CMD virus need not be feared. The public, however, is advised to keep away from the Bukit Timah area, and be especially wary when anybody laughs.

Class outing

Heyy people,

Who's up for a class outing on Wednesday/Saturday afternoon? It's Wed/Sat afternoon..because thats the only time slots i am free ><. muahaha I am abusing my powers as asst. ct rep.

We have 2 options:
1) go east coast park
- cycle/skate !
- frisbee / beach volleyball!
- bowling!

2) go somebody's house
- mahjong!
- movie marathon!
- more lame games!
- more tokking cock!

suggestions? comments? and somebody to volunteer his/her house [if we choose (2)]?

More random stuff

I look around [- - ][ - -]
Where is everyone? I look at the clock. It reads 2:48 am. Ok so everyone is sleeping. Have a nice sleep!

Yes, I'm so glad term 1 has ended. I miss holiday season, though this march holidays isn't gonna be as cool as the novemberdecember holidays.

HELLO Miao Jing! Welcome to the warm and fun and cool 7D fah-mily! I'm sure you'll enjoy being a 7D-er.

Oh yeah today CMD was rather rampant. Wonder who got the virus... And andrew also discovered another trigger. Something to do with some Nivla organism and potatoes.

All the best to everyone in SSEF and happy holidays pple!

Friday, 10 March 2006

the term

last day of the term.. a good time to look back on the past weeks..


and somehow it just made me quite sad that 1 out of 8 terms just pass us like that. 7 terms left. or maybe just 6. cuz the last term before As will just whizz pass us. or so i think. then again, fr experience of Os, it'll be the time when we will need each other most, supporting each other emotionally n helping each other out.. wailumn understands.. ha. it'll be memorable and bitter-sweet. or so i believe. ^^

even though the term was short n just passed in a blink of an eye (rather unbelievably quick.. how did it slip past just like that), it has brought many new experiences and lessons (both academically and otherwise..). i thank much of the class for that.

im grateful that our class is not one of the horror cases i've heard of (fr other jcs or other classes), where studying, doing tutorials or simply attending lecture will cause u to be an outcast. it's ridiculous..

7D has changed my life for the better.. and i hope it does so for all of us too. i believe it will..

rock on 7D!~


SSEF was boring as usual, with me dreading the prospect of waiting till 6pm in the afternoon (like last year) for all 3 judges to come. Lucky day for me though, judges all came before lunch ^_^. Good luck to everyone participating! Which is like Kai Herng, Liang En, Yong Zi and Irvin? Hopefully some of us will win something... Though anything is possible in SSEF. Like a certain project last year about trajectory of shuttlecocks/ping pong balls of which the results was best angle = 45ยบ (like DUH) and got gold.

And... Happy holidays =p

Thursday, 9 March 2006

7D Medical Foundation, Disease Database: CMD

7D Medical Foundation, Disease Database:

Encephalopathy, Chiasm Spongiform Mingsticus; better known as CMD [Variant of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, better known as Mad Cow Disease]

A degenerative disease associated with over-excitation of certain regions of the brain (including left cortex, frontal lobe and right hemisphere of cortex), resulting in deterioration of brain tissue.

Symptoms & Complications:

  • Spasms
  • Redness of face
  • Shortness of breath
  • Speech inhibition
  • Uncontrollable cachinnation [Cachination: Laughter]
  • Dysfunctional gelotological ability [Gelotology: Study of Laughter]
  • Irreversible damage to cognitive capacity [Read: Brain damage]
  • Denial
  • Loss of mental control

Known Triggers:

  • Faces of homo sapiens
  • Human speech
  • Certain “hot not cold” individual taking off spectacles and wiping them
  • Torn enzymes tutorials
  • Watching an organism known as the 'Nivla' eat chopped and heated potato tubers. [Read: Eating fries]
  • Absolutely nothing
  • Almost everything

Transmissibility & Virulence:

  • CMD is highly contagious
  • CMV (the vector of infection) transmitted through almost all media
  • CMV may remain inactive, circumventing immune system
  • Undefined antigenicity

Known Treatments:

  • Current treatments are highly ineffective. Treatments involve exposing individuals to high concentrations of Continuous Noise (CN) [Read: Cyanide], administered by Noise Inducing Educated (NIE) qualified specialists [Read: Teachers]. This form of treatment will however cause extensive nerve and cranial damage.

Suggested Control:

  • Quarantine of all individuals exposed to virus


When an affected individual is exposed to triggers (extremely common in everyday circumstances), Chiasm Spongiform Mingsticase receptors located in the upper cortex are activated, signalling production of CMVs [Read: random fluff], inducing uncontrollable fits in which individual tends to make short gasping inhalations and exhalations and generating a large degree of noise (approximately 80dBA) [Read: Laughter] CMVs are spread during this period, as vectors are expelled through nostrils and mouth at high velocity, which may then enter the system of others.

During incubation period, the CMV progresses to the cortex, at which point it embeds in frontal left lobe. CMV forms a parasitic relationship and degenerates synapses, as well as causing genetic mutation and production of CMD receptors. The exact mechanism is currently unknown. [Read: random fluff]

End Notes: The power of suggestion is highly effective in this case, as individuals afflicted with the CMD tend to control themselves if suggested that they might be infected or psychotic.

Tests carried out show that 87% of the time, telling infected personnel that they are psychotic will block CMD receptors for approximately 15 seconds, during which triggers will not activate CMV production. After which, major triggers may trigger receptors. Past 10 minutes however, the infected person will resume their easily-triggered phase. Long term reinforcements of suggestion tests have yet to be carried out. More details will be added as information is obtained.

Database Entry Contributed by:

Ook Werdna, Associate Professor, 7DMF

Gnow Salkin, PhD, Mein University of Germany (MUG) [MUGger!]

[Note: Sesquipedalian terminology may be Googled]

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Chem Practice Stuff

Scanned the chem practice stuff that was going around today if some of you want to attempt it. Worked answers from Liang En for some of the questions too =)

Since Brinkster refuses to let me upload my zip file which is >1MB... You gotta look through/print individually =p

Good luck for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 7 March 2006


just thought of an idea. let's have some reps over and above those we currently have.

1) CIP/SL rep: as the name suggests, organises, plans CIP activities for the class. Obviously he/she can't possibly do everything alone, so let's have a mini CIP commitee or something (:

2) Class T-shirt rep: well, can't think of a better name, but this rep's job would be well, organising stuff to foster class spirit (i initially thought of calling him/her the class spirit rep :S)

Just need suggestions, feedback, name-pointing (make it mild pls), nominations, etc.
hey hi hi i agree with cw that shouldn't stress, must be happy yarh...hahaha anyway dont kill ourselves over the test, still must do our best budden dont be too hung abt it lah. i think they confirm want to fail a lot of pple to ease us into JC life. ok that sounded like a rather ominous forecast but nevermind. test over then will be chao ji happy:)

today i heard some really crap news from my other friends. one of my seniors in DHS, now in VJC commited suicide on last fri. dunno if some of u know him... CO de, percussion, got 4As summore, J2 this year. pple still dunno why he jumped, and i feel v. v. stunned. its like, u dont think of pple u know commiting suicide, or even like just pple from ur school right...we know it happens, just that it happens elsewhere, so the impact never crashes in on us till its so close.hope this kind of stuff never ever happens in HCI...better to have dunno what scandal or disgraces in school, than a squander of human life yarh? i know it sounds depressing, but on a lighter note, it just shows how life is fleeting and even the pple we think we know can do the most unexpected, so must cherish what we have in front of us. life's kinda short to be moping away, it's too fleeting to allow us to waste a single moment of it.

carp diem! chill out, stay cool. cherish our lives, cherish our friends and stuff, cherish 7D :)

looking forward to the week

yo everybody!

know that everybody is very strssed now but we realy have many things to look forward to this week

1) the end of term 1, and thus, the hols. some of us may still be busy during the hols but at least we r not coming for lessons during the weekdays of the hols! n we dun need to worry so much about receiving piles of hw.

2) the end of bio and chem tests. it'll really give us a chance to rejoice when both these tests are over. lets forget bout CSp tests. haha. the end of tis week wil put an end to the meororizing.

3) possible new classmates. we may have new classmates! hu noes maybe we can hv somebody hu is really v nice and hu can really blend well with everybody in the class

n so cheers! no stress ya.

n so it is over!!!

done! we did it! we did it together! after a week of hard work, i'm sure everybody can now relax! all the way 7D!

Monday, 6 March 2006

random comments

Ok, the new template looks fine. Agree with Aaron, maybe we should have random templates...sounds fun!

The links at the side used to link straight to everyone's personal blogs. Maybe we should resume that as well here...

The SL idea sounds fun too! Yes, work with children! Hope this idea will crystallise soon...
(hehe, maybe we can tap on our class' passion to do something meaningful)

Ok, shall end late le...should go to sleep...Good nite...

Saturday, 4 March 2006


(posted this one day later than the day i actually typed this)

Nice to see that our class is bonding rather well...i agree with jinrong that we should get ourselves a class tee or sth...anyone got any bright ideas? ^^

Along the lines of class spirit, went today to get application forms for OCIP in Thailand. Initially had high hopes that those selected would be able to go to Thailand and maybe build houses or sth like that. Instead, both the OCIP trips to Thailand and Shanghai are to teach kids english. Not that I'm demeaning the whole project or anything, but we go all the way there for a week to teach kids english, they are probably not going to speak it after we've left, they forget what they've learnt, and next year, yet another group goes with the impression that they are going to make a valuable contribution to the community, ad infinitum. Yes we learn about life and how to live it to the fullest from these kids who have got little, yet give everything they have to make their mark, but what i had hoped to be able to do was perhaps to go there, offer free labour like in building homes? or water tanks like i did with other sec 4s in chiang mai last year? all that AND teach english perhaps.

okay fine maybe i'm just making myself sound like a stupid saint.

so here goes: what if....just what if... we have a class service learning project? I just randomly popped the question at the class bench today after sch, and I think pple like Wailumn and Kai Herng are for it. So far the consensus is to work with kids, as not everyone is willing and able to communicate with the elderly. Wailumn has suggested organisations like MINDS, ASSISI, Tao Nan Garden(or sth like that?)

Thought of other stuff, like painting a mural or sth for an orphanage, but then again, i doubt we have the necessary artistic talent to do so. =P

Or how about helping out with camps for children, and be camp councillors??

Comments, people?

Friday, 3 March 2006


lol. had softball for PE today, and the balls used are hardly soft! if they were, watermelons would be made of cotton...hehe
then there's this thing about humour. Apparently Mr Lee's sense of humour isn't lost as most of us supposed (: yay! today we had a prac to test the conc of vit c. in ribena!) to those who actually believed him: hehe, ribena is more reddish than KMnO4 (:

Thursday, 2 March 2006

Poor english

Most of you would probably have heard some of us chinese high geppers complaining about our horrigible english teacher last year.. Since I have nothing better to do, I'll upload an example of her notes which she gave out.

Disclaimer: The printed part of the notes are genuine. They have been in no way modified. By clicking on and reading through the image, you agree that contents will not be held against anyone in any way.

Mahjong, Murderer and Makin' Merry

hey ppl,

today was fun eh? An entire afternoon meaningfully wasted away at my house. Haha we should have more of such spontaneous's the spontaneousity of it all that makes such events really memorable. let's have more house visits soon! Next time we must buy drinks, snacks and other planning within 1hr!

I finally learnt how to play murderer! and polar bear! and mafia! (yes i'm v. lag haha)

And more ppl know how to play bridge / mahjong!


Upon reflection, I find that games such as "Mafia" both entertaining and meaningful. Being killed early can be a bonus - it gives you more time to sit back, relax and watch the drama between your own classmates unfold. You get to know who are the streetsmart ppl, the honest ppl, the un-trusting ppl. It's almost similar to watching Survivor a la S7D style!


I'm really looking forward to 2nd orientation. Hopefully we have ppl from other schools joining our class haha.

I guess we should improve our blogskin with photos etc. And perhaps even design our own class T-shirt!

- 06S7D rocks my world! -