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Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Random Stuff

Hey all,

(Yes I finally figured how to post using my own account =.-")

Cross country today was fun. Chern Wei did all of us proud - 11th placing =D! And Soon Huat beat me =O ! I shouldn't have slacked so much at the start of the run. And I must train harder. And I shouldn't have ate fries + yoghurt before the run (you know what happens).

"Only losers tried their best. Winners DID theirs." - some random quote from my seniors. its worth thinking about...we have so many things that we want to excel in. Yet, we find that we cannot meet our own expectations, much less outperform others. Why?

Ok I wont think too much. Otherwise I might as well take KI.


Those who went for JTS, please bring $30 and pass to TYZ. Those who didnt go, please bring $15 and pass to TYZ. you can run but you can't hide. *evil laughter* yah...otherwise soon huat will be broke..he paid the bill ($500++) for us first.


Salsa lessons are commencing on 7 March! Just come and crash!


Lame picture

Less mugging. More food. More bridge. More slacking!


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