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Monday, 30 March 2009

Class outing! lol...

click here for more details!

heh ok don't kill me. i tried to make it less shameless by linking it to another page.

and happy birthday adrian!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

go this website for updates on everything abt hc's cca n stuff =)

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sunday, 22 March 2009

As obsessed with the guitar and with doing stupid things as before =)

anw, cos i'm in s'pore i don't really go around snapping pictures of myself and my environment butt like these two pics, some of my life now can be summed up by pics found on my fb profile. yeah. woohoo. i go study for tests.

and sorry if the words seem to be all over the place or sth, i can't coordinate the pics and words properly. lalala.


Hello, thank you for reviving the blog, I really missed it while it was gone! Thanks Adrian :) Really appreciate it.

It is the middle of the night now on Saturday and I'm still doing homework, which is rather pathetic (I bet alot of you have forgotten the feeling of homework...) but I'm happy to be busy too I guess. The weather is sort of warming up here, sort of. Rehearsals have been taking up my time too! We're having this Singapore day thing, Dia'spura. It centres around Singaporean identity in film and so on, on we're having Mr Brown and some Singaporean filmmakers over! (Boo Junfeng, Li-Anne Huang, Michael Wang and Mirabelle Ang, if you know who these people are) Anyway, on top of that, some really talented penn people wrote an entire musical (the songs are awesome, I swear) so I've been really busy with that, acting and stuff. Plus, we have a pseudo mambo night party, so that promises to be pretty fun.

Chern Wei's photos gave me an idea! Let's all post up one (or a couple of photos) which we feel best represent our life at this point. It will be very interesting, to see where all our lives are at this point. And then give them a title, just to point us in the right direction of how to interpret them. (I know we're going to end up seeing a lot of army photos...try and prove me wrong please.)

Ok, so I'll go first!

Title: I'm hot and I'm cold. (I know people are going to start singing "You're yes and you're no...")

Saturday, 21 March 2009

What this blog means to me

Warning: By reading on you agree that the author is in no way liable for any mental damages.It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A lady screamed. The blog was born.

Admittedly, the few instances where I have posted anything here tend to be protracted soliloquys. They may seem harmless, but their true intent is far from it. Regardless, since I have been asked to give a brief elaboration, I will be honorable and divulge the deep dark secret, for I have no penchant for deceit. They form part of my plot for world domination. The ISA also briefly caught on to this, and hence resulted in the brief termination of the blog. However, its revival just proves that my dedication and wit is inexorable.

No, seriously.


Okay, now that my brilliant reverse psychology has undoubtedly convinced everyone, I can freely reveal the intricate details of my plot. They involve a waffle and a monkey. The reasoning is simple, because one day, the monkey will eat the waffle, and the world will fall. I alone will rise above the ruins and become lord and master of the world. Of course, that's the big overall plan which simpletons will be unable to understand, so to be more specific, I will describe the role of the blog in the big plan.

Firstly, the blog serves as a tool to recruit minions for my cause. By building a sense of camaraderie, I will have a pool of zealots willing to lay down their lives for the cause. This much has been achieved, as am I assured the seeds of devotion have already been planted. Over a year and ye have yet to forget about it. Go me.

Secondly, it serves as a platform for insiduous subliminal messaging. Ever wondered why my posts make little sense? Because they have been structured to appeal directly to your subconscious over your cognition. Hence why it often makes little sense but yet you are drawn to finish reading everything. By hiding such messages among the sheer volume of deceptively similar retardation online, it is more likely to evade detection. (The ISA catching on was a fluke on their part. Clearly some novice being bored and hitting the delete button on random pages. Supported by the lack of followup action on their part after its revival).

In the grand scheme of things, this means I will be able to gradually subvert and create my supermonkey of awesome, which plays a significant role in my taking over the world.

P.s. Do not tell anyone else about this, even if you did, my creative eugenics and genetic engineering program from several generations ago has already ensured the imprinting of disbelief in any slander against me.


haha pictures of me!! clubbing photos and also food that we cook la. i dno y ppl here go clubbing, mus wear a coat or suit 1. then go inside only take out. haha. n oso i learnt how to cook a lot here cos london fd so damn expensive! haha

basically uni is sort of the best time of my life la. i am gonna have a 5 week holiday now cos it is easter break. the whole yr study 23 weeks only. 1 month christmas break. 1 month easter break. n 4 months summer hols. qte shiok la haha n i rly enjoying myself haha

thank goodness london hv many frens tt i can mix wif la. dun rly mix a lot wif ang mohs cos everybody clique in our own grps/nationalities 1 haha but it is still good! love it haha

n it is rly nice to be overseas la haha. e 1st day i reach here was rly one of e best days ever la! u come here, then u sort of dun hv an identity, then u roam arnd e beautiful city n visit e parks n stuff. n yeah i feel much less pressured in uni to do well n stuff. cos jc, everybody jus scrutinise u n stuff haha i felt. so here, i feel very free haha =)
n so i changed qte a bit la overall in my character haha

going back to singapore in july. so we shud hv a class outing then haha =)

Friday, 20 March 2009


I have edited the code so that Adrian's problem of wrong authors has been rectified. There are still some posts whereby the author is erroneously stated as me. This is as the original author has yet to register with the class blog. So those 06s7ders who have yet to respond to the invites, do so now! :D

Monday, 16 March 2009

From the depth of the past...

Hello my friends!

Click on the tiny link that reads 'Older Posts' at the bottom of the page!


You can now find posts starting from the last post by Yong Zi before the blog went 'poof', to Chern Wei's post on 15 Jan 2008 about the last class chalet!

I recently discovered them in the archive of my Google Reader =)

As for all other posts prior to 15/1/08, I'm afraid they are really lost forever...
[I only started subscribing to the class blog using the reader since Jan 15 :"( ]

And sorry for 'hijacking' all your posts, as Blogger now shows every post was posted by me! I have indicated the original author of each post in square brackets though. Everything else has been preserved in its original manner, including the date and time the posts were published. Hmm... the only things that couldn't be recovered were the comments and one YouTube video Jane posted that had been removed.

Meanwhile, cherish the memories! =)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

lol saw this in junior's blog:

HAHA I was just looking at our senior's blog and it was quite active o.O Does anyone still want to keep this LJ? :D Or maybe switch to blogspot or something if you all find LJ inconvenient.
Yayy post more k!! Like update about your lives right now :))

-HR (I'm typing this during work in a tiny window hahaha XD)"

keep this up pple! =)

i'm kinda tired cos i spent the whole day standing up asking pple if they want beehoon when they don't and telling pple we've run out of beehoon when they ask for it. ok bye!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

i have not slept (much) since i woke up on thursday 6a.m. and here i am online on a BEAUTIFUL saturday morning.

there's this thing called a memorial. i think.. it's kinda self-explanatory in more sense than one.

hmm. besides the topic of the memo, it's hard to think of anything else to blog about, because i haven't been thinking of much except for that for the past.. 42 hours? except for the fact that the guitar ensemble had a performance somewhere in the 42 hours, which was, fortunately (or unfortunately) over in a flash. hmm..

someone quick give a nasty interesting request for nik! =D

meanwhile, i shall take my mind off work and.. attempt to sleep. the bed does not beckon i have no idea why.

-apologies if the above sounded like a zombie-fied post-lol*

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What This Blog Means

Great to see the class blog so alive and kicking again, despite the fact that it has just been resuscitated. Only when the class blog was gone from the Internet did I realise how much I've missed 06s7d, and JC life in general. I found being one of the several addresses I type in the URL box of Internet Explorer whenever I open it (yes, I don't really care if I don't have Firefox or whatever), another address being that of my own blog (yes, I'm still a very narcissistic person) and some other websites and blogs I frequent (not for you to know). Even though I knew that the class blog had been taken down, removed, it still felt natural for me to type in that address.

And when the screen changed to say "Internet Explorer cannot find this page", I always inevitably feel a sense of loss, and a realisation that I actually really like the people in 06s7d and being a part of this group. I mean, I've always appreciated this class, though sometimes I know I've taken it for granted. Something thats really true about our class is that each of us are very true, sincere and we aren't the multi-faceted, sophisticated type of people able to change a side of us to show different persons at different times. And this is a value that less and less people have nowadays.

I guess this blog has evolved into a common space in each of our lives. Though we may be in different schools, different faculties, different camps, different units, different countries and time zones even, and however different our lives may now be, this blog remains a common space that we all share. It represents the similarities in us, where we all came from before we diverged onto such distinct paths in life after JC. It is at once a celebration of both our common 7D identity and our colourful diversity.

So yes, I do feel sad that three years' worth of interesting blog posts from the innocent days of JC have just been wiped off cyberspace like that. But what I'm more happy about is the fact, shown by how we still regularly check and post on the class blog, that we still care about this class, and care about each other. This was the reason why The Class Blog of 06s7d was resuscitated from the depths of cyberspace, and also why I'm sure it will continue to grow in the years ahead.

Stay in touch.

Kai Herng

Monday, 9 March 2009

Good morning, afternoon, or night! depending where on earth (ya haha) you are and what time you read this.

All I wanna say is:

I WANNA BE A JC KID AGAIN. ok la i think sometimes i just think about life back in jc and the great company around me. not that the pple around me now aren't great, but more of that i could take some comforting things for granted then, like there'll alw be a pack of cards ready as long as there are 4 eager pple. or that at least my classmates will be the same bunch of pple for the whole of two years whom i can do things like this:

without fear of tarnishing my reputation (if any).

*anw if anyone is interested to know, my tongue has gained more useful functions than just touching my nose (read: cleaning stains around my mouth in a super unglam fashion) which has just about disgusted anyone who has seen it. not too many though haha*

and as much as mrs foo talked about how she would not spoonfeed us like secsch kids, i think would go crazy now if i've not taken jc bio, cos things that were usually covered in 1 set of notes over 2 lectures is now covered in 2 slides in part of 1 lecture.

anw back to my pt abt wanting to be a jc kid. in uni,
1. no one plays capteh (lol)
2. no one plays bridge
3. there is no pe
4. you can't pin your hopes on this major exam at the end of your course like the A levels cos every sem affects ur cap
5. there is no hotdog day or baked potato day at a place called fishtank.

before i go, here's a random joke:
Q: What contribution did opium make to Singapore?

A: It made the Chinese High!

ok that was dedicated to all 7D guys who're all from chs haha.

erm for the girls....
let you know when i think of one.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Orientation 2009 - Rev it up!

On Friday, 13th of February, some of us went back down to the orientation campfire for our 09 batch of juniors. When I arrived, the performances at the hall had already begun and I made my way up to the second floor for a better view. Jane and SECOND-LIEUTENANT-Niklas were already there and Adrian joined us later.

The performances were hilarious and entertaining, and the Apollo one was the most politically correct of the lot and (therefore) successfully won the judges' hearts. The faculty dances for 08 and 09 were also featured and I felt that the Ares faculty dance was slightly better this year (although Apollo won the faculty dance competition this year :P).

After the performances in the hall, we moved to the open area for lighting of the campfire! I didn't get a good view, but I heard each faculty head lit up an individual trail of fire which all converged to the campfire. They also made the flaming Rev-It-Up move up and down, which was quite a memorable scene. Tried to find our teachers but could only get Mrs Soh. Saw quite alot of new teachers instead.

Some photographs taken by Frank Chen. Thanks Frank!

After the campfire, it was song and dance time! I got rather high, but Niklas, Adrian and Jane refused to join in, so pangseh. Next time more people should come leh, else no critical mass to get high. In the end I sang songs with other schoolmates (Hongfei, Shou Hao, Zeqi and more) and danced with a junior from 07S7B.

The orientation campfire really dug up all the wonderful memories I had in Hwa Chong. I really miss school! We should have a class outing soon :D

Saturday, 7 March 2009

my contribution!

Hello! As u can see, I am carrying out my promise to add content to the 'new' blog:)

It's really sad that our old blog's gone, cos it contained so many many memories, complete with photos and all, from orientation to class outings to hospital visit to CT sessions to totally random stuff. but i hope these memories are/will always stay with us!

Some things i miss about hc:
- class bench! every morning some people would try to do work while others talk about random stuff/ask ppl to 'stop mugging' (nik)/play using something they made out of free postcards and hand-written chemical symbols(?). and it was nice to see juniors hanging around too!
- $1 hotdog bun from the cafe (on tues)
- lunch time (xiao mi mi + HL choc milk + something from the hot dinks stall + the occasional ice cream from ppl trying to raise funds)
- being in E203/4/5, spinning in that chair, wondering why the room's so cold
- and so many more!!

ok that's all for now. someone else's turn!:) tyz promised. and nik? alvin?

cheers and seeya in june!

Friday, 6 March 2009

We Are Back!

I have successfully transferred the temporary blog to our old address, so now is the time to rebuild the content of the blog!

Any 06s7d-ers who are not authors of the blog, please email me your desired email to use for blogging and I will add you.