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Tuesday, 23 May 2006


helo peeps! urgent update.. actually nt very urgent. anw, shirli n i went to buy a card n a present for mrs foo today after sabbaticals (which was quite fun/disastrous. wahaha.. sucked crabs out from container (by accident) which er.. almost died if the person din save it. and the person was quite nice abt it.. "must put back ok?" lol! and we escaped being mascots!! (when we were supposed to be. haha.. smart wailumn.) so it wasn't too bad ^^ shirli promises to update more in detail. heh.)

oh. so much for sidetracking. anw, i went to measure the card (28cm X 19cm) and did some "manipulation of data" (area:546cm2) and more (area per person: 24.8181818..cm2) thus, go prepare some er.. note of thanks, etc. to write tmr. cuz it'll be quite rushed. -.- 24.8cm2.. quite alot of space, depending on ur writing. ok. that's about it.

as for the present, eh.. it's some black, non-glossy hp chain with 4leafclover thingee and has 4 letters on it (wahaha.. cost-saving. oopz. x.x) "7D <3 U". yupz.

ok. that's all. good luck to all for bio spa tmr!! and to the 3 ppl who will know guitar exco results tmr as well. ^^

7D all da way!~

Saturday, 20 May 2006

Filler #2

2 weeks have passed and there are about 2 more posts made. I wonder what happened to all those people who agreed to post weekly/whatever on the egroups? Anyway, I'll be sticking to my word and making these random fillers every fortnight.

I should make a standard disclaimer if this style of fillers becomes a habit. Disclaimer: The following insights are entirely fictional and have no relationship with any persona's living or otherwise, be it undead, dead, or dead-undead. If the following account seems to be similar to anyone you know, please tell them to go for a makeover so as to ensure prevention of a lawsuit.
By reading on, you agree to agree to this disclaimer even if it is entirely irrelevant. You also agree to give the author 50 million dollars, as well as pledge your first born to him.

So after the nice disclaimer, I lost my steam and realised that there was in fact, nothing interesting to write about. So I asked others brilliant philosophical questions so as to be able to discern the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. By analyzing their answers, I was able to attain enlightenment. Do note, this is not anything a mere amateur is capable of. It takes years of practice and confinement to desolate mountain caves with caveman drawings and convenient lost ancient scrolls. A transcript of the amazing debate is as follows:

«nik» Must mug! says:
say something random
cm says:
something random..

Truly amazing. From this I managed to infer that the purpose of the human race is in fact, to serve and obey a single uber-mensch. The response time took about 1.37 seconds, an interesting number, because it's actually the floor of the square root of 2 minus sin 2.5. This amazing number too reflects another aspect of human life, which is inaccuracy. Regardless, I pondered this strange revelation that was given to me by divine insight, when I realised, that there had been no divine insight! The lack of divine insight however contradicted the initial thesis that humans were meant to serve. It was a complex and extremely deep thought, which I pondered for another 6 seconds. Perhaps, there was another meaning to it after all. Knowing that the subconscious mind actually contained the answer hidden within the matrix of the mind, I ingeniously used a method that would show me the answer once and for all. I flipped a coin. But not just any mere coin, this coin was superior to all other coins, because this coin was made of special material, a material which was not found on earth, nor was it found on jupiter. A smart human would immediately guess it was from neptune, but this is where the catch lies. It didn't come from neptune! Instead, it was an imaginary coin. I picked it up with my imaginary psychic powers in my imaginary hand, and flipped it into the imaginary air with my imaginary thumb, and watched it fly using imaginary photons caught by imaginary eyes and transmitted to the imaginary brain via imaginary optical nerves. Truly, by over utilizing my imagination, I would unleash the unerring accuracy of the subconscious and force it to answer my every question with answers that only my subconscious knew. Watching the coin flip as imaginary time passed, it finally landed. And in it's landing, i knew the answer was true. For it was suddenly so obvious, that I laughed at myself for not seeing it earlier. The coin had flipped through the air whirring and glinting under imaginary lights, before finally coming down. It's landing cannot be easily guessed by any mere amateur. I know what you're thinking, "Hah, I bet it lands edge!" But no, it didn't land edge. It didn't land heads. So what did it land on? Tails!
No, just kidding. An imaginary eagle flew from the sky and grabbed it. I chased the imaginary eagles for two imaginary seconds before the eagle dropped it. Into a bottomless pit. I pondered this for a while. Perhaps, just perhaps, there was no purpose in human life. Like the endlessly flipping coin in the bottomless pit, we would never know heads nor tails, or even edge. It would be one side for a mere instant, and in that instant our answer is certain, but in the next instant the answer may change again, and our fate and purpose may change freely along the flow of time. It was an interesting concept, and I spent time meditating. After the seeming aeons of meditation, I came upon the truth, which I knew would be true. It made absolute sense, and had such earth-shattering philosophical implications I knew would change the fate of the earth forever. It was: .. wait for it.. Humans were meant to serve me! It was consistent with all other observations, and it made a good conclusion. The sheer brilliance of my mind amazed myself, but I knew that people would not be so easily convinced, and therefore, replicates were necessary. Hence, checking the time I knew I had enough time for a repeat experiment, and promptly carried it out:

«nik» Must mug! says:
say something random
jaime/life on replay says:
er chocolates

Other variables which might have interfered in the experiment such as nickname, personal message, message, font size, font color, font type, temperature, pressure, country, were kept constant to ensure accuracy.

The trend seemed to hold. My will was carried out and my request was carried out. I hastily logged it in my chat log, and formed a table to present my answer in the best possible manner. Then it struck me, I still needed another replicate for the triplicate rule! But it was nearing 12am, and time was running out. Although my ingenious calculations indicated it would take a possible 30 seconds for another result to be recorded, I dared not to risk it, considering there were only 10 minutes left and I might mess up and drag for 11 minutes. However, the reader need not know this, despite the fact that I am telling him/her that right now...

*cough* Anyway, I carried out another replicate:

«nik» Must mug! says:
say something random
Totally real and non-imaginary person says:
Of course allmighty one, your wish is your command!
Totally real and non-imaginary person says:
I will say something random, if it may please thee. Behold
Totally real and non-imaginary person says:

And there we have it. My thesis held true, and the purpose of human existence was proven with tried and tested scientific methodology. I hastily wrote out my statements of trend and conclusion:

Statement of trend: Purplish with neon green stripes

3 replicates were carried out, and because they were consistent to +- 3 philosphical monkeys, they became accurate and reflected the population's subconscious and group identity. No further replicates were carried out.

As the length of the sentence does not change, the type of answer will not change. Therefore, we can infer that humans use proteins as the hereditary material and that they will learn to think and make conclusive conclusions within the next 1000 years. QED, WWWWW, kthnxbai

And with that, I promptly published my findings in the well-known philosophical journal "Of Smart, intellectual, xenophobic savants seemingly evil/viceless, save electric ninja Dogs", and began preparing my speech for the nobel prize i knew i would be nominated for soon.

Your purpose in life

Class Tee!

Latest update from teh designer.

I think the general concensus is we will continue with the periodic table idea, which will appear on the back of the tee, with the title "The Chemistry of 06S7D" above it and then every person's element above the title.

But now we need ideas for the following:
1. Numbers to put in (of each element)
2. Design on front of tee - preferably a simple "cool pic"?

Please contribute your ideas! =D Hopefully we'll get it done during this hols.

EDIT: Need ideas for colour of tee, too :)

sabbaticals blog submission

hey 7d, remember the competition for the sabbats wk in which we can submit entries (blog, etc.) on our experiences, etc during the various courses? y not let's submit an entry as a class? sb can coordinate this..and i will have internet access in shanghai (i think)
so basically it will be something like one person from each course can post an entry regarding the events of the day for that course...not sure about the details -.-

Sunday, 7 May 2006

message from jin rui

hey my Apollo juniors! my time as your fac head is ending soon le. im v happy that u guys have been really enthusiastic and passionate for apollo. i thank u guys for your support for me since the beginning of the yr and also for the wonderful experience that u've given me. i will be stepping down in like 2 weeks time, and you'll have your new fac heads! i hope u guys will support them the way u've supported me and work with them to make apollo the champion for this yr k! me have one last lap to go with u guys: the inter-fac cheering on thurs! i hope that all of you will come down to support Apollo and to cheer for our faculty and our runners. not only cheer, but cheer out your lungs! together with every one of you, your new fac heads and me (=p), we will show the other facs the power of Apollo and make Apollo beyond godlike!


Since I have nothing else to do, and since the class blog is desperately crying out for new posts and stuff, I will therefore spend some time typing a meaningless filler. Woohoo. So, if you have any pressing issues, and you don't have all that much free time, or you simply can't stand mindless blabber, don't bother reading on.

Disclaimer: Any loss of IQ or EQ or AnyQ from reading the following text is in no way the fault of the author, and is entirely your fault. You have the right to close this window. You have the right to keep quiet. Any complaints can and will not be acknowledged. Flying ninjas will not ambush you for reading this. Death to frostbite is however, possible, if however improbable.

Assuming you have read the above disclaimer, I will now proceed to continue on to the filler, of which I will attempt to talk about as little as possible and fill up with as much smoke as possible. It is a good practice which should be encouraged as much as possible, because chain-smoking will allow one to fill up pesky GP essays, and generate mindless blabber at will. It is one of the greatest arts that academics have spent eons to refine and master, and is the mark of a refined society and a cultured scholar. It forms the fundamentals of literature, art appreciation, civilized conversation and almost anything you can think of. Indeed, for are not literary works based upon fictatious events created by the mind which seem to talk about alot (whole books even!) when actually they mean very little? Is art not a bunch of doodles which is given meaning by the artist through smoking? Smoking refers to the a skill where a person is capable of generating large amounts of text, speech or other mediums in which homo sapiens are capable of transmitting ideas to each other. Ideal smoke should appear to contain alot of information, packaged excessively with terms that will befuddle other homo sapiens to some extent, causing them to think that the said smoke is in fact highly informational and extremely intelligent. If packaged enough, said recipients of smoke will be unable to discern smoke from intelligent communication even with analysis. High-quality smoke should be powerful enough to even convince the said individual that the smoke is highly philosophical, and even be convinced enough to adopt the said viewpoint of the smoke as his own. It is this epitome of smoking that all individuals aspire to, because once one is capable of producing such brilliant smoke, it is no longer considered smoke, and transcends the mortal realms into the realm of philosophy.

Good smoke must have a type of flow, and with experience, it allows one for continuous writing once the generation of smoke has started. Like real smoke, it's indiscernable individually, but as a whole, it looks impressive. It should waft and waver as text, apparently holding a multitude of ideas but impossible to grasp. It should dissipate across a multitude of subjects and touch on as many subjects as possible. If the spread of information is great enough, it will seem like a great deal, because it works like volume. Breadth multiplied by depth. If you are broad enough, you don't need any depth. The trick to having good smoke is always having a backup plan. If you run out of things to say on a certain subject matter, just switch topics as smoothly as possible, and no one might even notice that you did. That is the essence of smoke, large quantities as fast as possible and with no pauses. Conversations are quickly started and dragged, and effective smokers can confuse and confuddle their listeners with smoke, even wrapping them around their fingers as they hang onto every word the smoker is giving, while still attempting to comprehend the previous. It is a continuous cycle, that once entered, the listener is completely ensnared within the smoky grip of the smoker, because no time is given for him to attempt to process the smoke intelligently, while being bombarded with complex terminology and excessively bombastic words. Adjectives and other redundant words should and will be used freely in great abundance, as they buy time allowing the intelligent smoker to drag and stall time, covering his tracks and giving ample time for him to plan and execute his next stage. Brilliant smokers should never be in the here and now, they should be ahead, in the future, already contemplating their next point and terminology they might consider using. Bombastic words are buffers, insurance if the flow ever lapses and give him something to fall back on. Even when he has nothing to say, flowery language can be used generously to fill the blanks, because flowery language is exactly that, a filler, designed to impress, while not meaning anything much.

That however, does not mean that the smoker should base his entire argument on nothing whatsoever. Once again, like smoke, a form of fuel is needed. It can however, be expanded to much more then it's original size, like a piece of wet wood, it will smoke and billow for aeons while the original piece is much smaller then what it generates. The ideal smoker should have small points peppered throughout the smoke, to keep the reader interested and ensure that the smoke is not easily seen through. While it is obviously more effective if the whole thing comprised of no smoke, smoke serves as the medium to buff up points, and to fill space when all else fails. In the process of smoking, it is even possible to chance upon other random points, such as a smoking piece of wood might catch something else on fire. In theory, this smoke-fuel should also be not commonly known. It should be abstract, allowing for the said smoker to be capable of defending his view point regardless of how it is assaulted, because a fort of smoke is invulnerable, impossible to pin down, and impervious to any attacks. It can be manipulated later on as the author's viewpoint changes, it can cover loopholes in arguments, and it can be argued in many ways. Ultimately, it can even destroy an opponents argument by switching one's own point of view, and arguing that the attacker is in fact arguing against a point of view highly similar to his own. Such defences are effective, as they work like the emperor's new clothes effect, where the attacker will eventually be unwilling to surrender to an opponents absurd and confusing arguments, afraid that it might mean that he is unable to comprehend his opponent's language and argument, and afraid to give any new points for fear of them being warped against oneself. Hence it is imperative to ensure that smoke is bulked up as much as possible, for the longer the text the harder it is to find specific points to rebut and to attack, and the easier it is to counter another's comments. Convincing smoke will even confuse the opponent to the point where he or she believes that the smoker is in fact smarter then oneself, and afraid that a continuation in the argument will eventually lead to their own downfall. They will therefore seek to reach a mutual agreement; a compromise where they can back off. When the smoker senses the opponent is reaching this stage, it presents two options. The first, is to accept the compromise, and shift it in one's own favor, which should be done if you sense that the opponent is nearly onto your smoke's loopholes and inherent flaws that are unavoidable with the generation of smoke, or secondly, to continue the argument, refusing to give in until the opponent is totally annihilated and destroyed in a bombardment of logical fallacies and relentless theories and opinions. This can be done, because an opponent at this stage is generally already in a state of semi-awe and fear, and will no longer question your assumptions with as much vigor as the initial stages, and logical fallacies and conclusion jumping is in fact tolerated and encouraged, and if ever questioned, easily claimed to have been argued earlier and insult the opposition's memory and comprehension abilities.

These are just some of the basic fundamentals and tricks to smoking, and they are, as mentioned earlier, a deadly effective tool of humanity in arguing, for it is not everyone who is blessed with smoke detectors, nor are many people confident enough to stand firm in the barrage of irrelevant arguments and random digressions alongside thinly veiled implied questions, which, if one has the intellectual fortitude, is easily able to brush aside to assault the seed of smoke, whereas weaker ones, those who are afraid or not confident, will spend their time fighting the uncountable demons and monstrous legions of invulnerable logic that are contraptions of one's own imagination and comprehension. The author never actually reveals his own opinions explicitly, he merely hides it in the clouds of smoke and fog of logic, leaving others to interpret it as they wish, and to argue concepts which they have dreamed up themself. And it is precisely because these logical arguments are figments of their own imagination, they will find them ever more convincing then an opinion that you actually made yourself.

And now it is 11:15 pm, and a lengthy filler has been completed. I hope your brains are not leaking out of your nostrils yet, nor nails hammered into into thy ears in frustration. Good bye, adieu, auf wieder sehen and good night.


Saturday, 6 May 2006

Just for Laughs

IN spend the majority of your time in an 8X10 cell.
AT WORK... you spend the majority of your time in a 6X8 cubicle.

IN get three meals a day.
AT only get a break for one meal and you pay for it.

IN get time off for good behavior.
AT get more work for good behavior.

IN PRISON...the guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you.
AT must carry around a security card and open all the doors for yourself.

IN can watch TV and play games.
AT get fired for watching TV and playing games.

IN get your own toilet.
AT have to share with some idiot who pees on the seat.

IN PRISON...they allow your family and friends to visit.
AT can't even speak to your family.

IN PRISON...all expenses are paid by the taxpayers with no work required.
AT get to pay all the expenses to go to work and then they deduct taxes from your salary to pay for prisoners.

IN spend most of your life inside bars wanting to get out.
AT spend most of your time wanting to get out and go inside bars.

IN must deal with sadistic wardens.
AT WORK...they are called managers.


BTW, is anyone willing to design a class T-shirt? 1/6th of our time in JC is gone...and we don't have a class shirt!! Let's aim to get it done by end of Week 10. I remember Aaron saying that he can help :P

Monday, 1 May 2006

Eight Qualities Thing

For 4 months I was happily thinking that I was added to this blog, just to find out that I attempted to add myself twice, but was never sucessful. >.< Nevermind! Yay! I'm here now, to do the 8 qualities thing.

1. Someone who will always be there for me ^^
*cough* I suppose i'm not exactly the most secure/optimistic person on earth so I'll need someone to be my pillar of support? And my source of comfort? ^^" So that I know that no matter how bad things get, I'll always have someone to turn to, someone to lean on.

2. Commited
Well, if we decide to be in a relationship, then a certain amount of commitment and sincerity should be present right? Not asking for 24 hours of attention but if he spends all day/week/month long watching soccer/playing games or chasing after other girls then there isn't any point being together is there? ^^"

3. Driven
Someone who is motivated to achieve his goals in life, and passionate about something (more substantial and realistic). Even though a slacker may seem very laidback and fun at first, i think it gets very frustrating after a while if a guy lives a day at a time without goals.

4. Has a sense of humour
Someone who can make me laugh/laugh with me. If not life would be so mundane.

5. Optimist
To balance out the pessimistic side of me? So in seemingly bad situations we'll pull through by infecting me with his cheerfulness ^^"

6. Straightforward
To the point, but tactful. Imagine a guy who beats around the bush all the time, and you have no idea what he's trying to say and you ahve to read between the lines all the time. It's tiring and irritating. Sure, it may be cute at first (blushing cute nerdy guys!) *cough* but not for extended periods of time thank you.

7. Sweet
Just doing small little things to show that he cares. (sorry, i'm a die-hard romantic at heart)

8. Someone I feel at ease with
We'll just be comfortable and ourselves with each other ^^.

Yay. Of course if that guy is rich, tall, handsome, young that'll be a plus XD.
I agree, this isn't a checklist. I'll probably know love when i see/feel it? Love is blind, maybe in the end i'll end up with someone totally opposite of all of these. ^^"
And this ends my first post on class blog! Yay, now people can't accuse me of being inactive and contributing to the death of the class blog. ^^