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Monday, 20 February 2006

What's tt on the ground? It's an ant, a speck of dust, it's...

Katrina. Muahaha. Yay...this is my first blog post as well...many thanks to Jane for putting up with me. Took her long enough to direct me here.

Happy to be here. :) Hope I won't flood this class blog with unnecessary/random stuff and maybe even end up making it my own.

by the way, i really want to thank you guys for ur enthusiastic support. i was really touched when u guys cheered for me today. :D however, it really was rather malu-ating and for futher explanation as to why it is so, go ask chia ming or niklas. haha. but don't underestimate me horh. i'm small and round and a bowling ball.

another thing. i think no one really understood those words in black written beside "Marche" on the paper for STJ? it is a suggestion by eating place called Village somewhere in Chinatown. the concept is somewhat the same as Marche's but it gives u more value for ur money. anyone wants to go there for STJ?

and i would like to appeal to any able-nasal-ed person to please perform those wacky "your mother so fat" lines at class bench or sth...will guarantee snickers, i think. :P

wells, that's about all i have to say for now... let's look forward to friday together! woohoo!


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