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Thursday, 9 February 2006


omgomgomg.. shall echo wailumn. how?!?!?! im freaking out as the time draws near. tried not to think abt it the whole aftnn but wasn't reali feasible. instead of my original plan to brood over it at home, blastin e cranky buzzy radio and jx lyin down in aircon rm listenin, decided to go for movie instead. din know if it was a gd choice.. got abit down before movie, but was high again over popcorns. x.x din know that that was possible. i not stupid too was gd! quite a mx watch, but to me not as gd as the first. criteria i judge by is the extent to which it made me cry. which isn't as much as the first (buckets). yea. but the tickle-factor was stil there, so erm.. if u hav e time, GO WATCH. yepz.

watchin grammy's now on chan 5. eyelids droopy.. nitez everyone. gd luck to all with higher chi.. and once again, gd luck to cheryl and me, e only 2 with insecure places? v.v ahhhhhh.. *plucks hair out* kz.. chill...

n wailumn n i seems to be e only ppl makin noise. go wailumn!!


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