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Wednesday, 15 February 2006


our group has just finished the oil thingy for econs...yay whoopeedo...

i hope jane finds her handphone soon, it sucks to lose your handphone. once i forgot to bring it to school, and i felt completely lost.

i guess that sort of mirrors the way i feel in school. i feel occasionally, okay, very often lost in all the new stuff we're learning. like one minute you understand, and the next minute you dont. sometimes i just dont understand, period. like maths. like the funny bio buffering thing. speaking of which, i shall go and look over the notes again in awhile, to see if i can decipher them.

i think its kind of admirable that our class has a lot of shang4 jin4 xin1. its like in other classes, pple are not handing in work, they're just copying every morning or whatever.

in 7D it's sort of like pple are doing their hmwk the minute they get it, or they're doing even before the teachers ask. its ridiculously hardworking. its good in the sense that everybody just gets smarter and smarter and class can go faster. but its like i cant catch up sometimes...take a really long time to understand stuff. sometimes i just feel so left behind and frankly, quite stupid. acck. nvm. u have to forgive me for not having that habit of doing everything in advance and for not being such a perfect student lol. but jing4 zhu1 zhe3 chi4, jing4 mo4 zhe3 hei1 right? under all ur good influences, will probably be pressured to be more hardworking. will gambate and work harder :) :) which is always good.

i've decided to take H1 chinese because i got a c6 and im kiasu that the c6 will look really ugly on my future applications. lol maybe i dont really have a love for the language and what not, but im just doing it for practical reasons, which strikes me as particularly stupid, but nvm. advice anybody? i just think abt another year of having to go through chinese class, and im ready to blanch. really, it is kind of boring. i heard AOs are rather hard. *gulp* hope i can make it.

sorry today's entry sounds particularly melancholy, but its what was on my mind.

according to that colourful colourful mag thing we got today, council applications are coming soon. anybody else interested? i think i want to do it, what do u guys think?


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