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Thursday, 30 August 2007

hey pple! this is prob my first time blogging in quite a while cos i rmb my blogger was down for quite a while, and then when it was up and proper, i had nth to blog about. :P

anw, just wanna thank u for ur enthusiasm in replying to my msg for mr lee's prez... shir li, jaime and i went to give it to him and it was def worth remembering..he opened it and immediately started smiling..he fingered the picture and smiled even more..he asked if we understood the french words and asked us to pronounce it (which i did, and he even said it was not bad :P)...haha..don't think he knows that i took french before..i didn't realy declare it cos my french wasn't tt good, and i didn't want him to speak to me in french in class..(having to take the O's kinda takes all the joy out of the learning, seriously). anw, he thanked us for the gift, and altho he's really a man of little words, all of us cld just feel the happiness radiating from him:)

anw, here are some of the ideas that i compiled from the smses and emails..special thanks to soon huat and bensing for going the extra mile in helping me out! :)

RuDy Lee
high affinity for all other elements.
Rich- same group as gold or carb-diamond allotropes
Jin Rong:
high affinity for branded belts
emits sounds like “irrelevant” when properties are further investigated
forms strong inter-student bonds via forces involving pizza
Kai Herng:
CT stands for chong tai and civics tutor
high affinity for pizza and armani exchange belt
Liang En:
high affinity for carbon and all organic compounds
catalytic metal
Soon Huat:
fusing two elements Ruthenium (Ru-101) and Dysprosium (Dy-163), the new element has been coined as Ruthdystronium (RuDy-264)
RuDy is also to found to be highly unreactive and many reactions possess a high activation energy rendering them non-spontaneous.
reactive towards Bismuth (Bi-209) and Bi tends to form a belt around the element on the x-y plane. And together with the treatment of solution containing Americium (Am), it is then found be reactive towards noble gases Argon(Ar-39.9) and Xenon(Xe-131) and similarly form belt around the x-y plane.
Wai Lumn:
high affinity for water, likes scuba diving
very miscible with 7d, high solvent solute interactions
highly unreactive even in extreme conditions - inert
it is still unknown if it can form a stable compound with Wo
shows passing charges as it often forms as pass-ion
catalyst for the learning process
Descriptions of rudy lee (replace 'Rd' with the corresponding atomic symbol u gave it ^^)-----------------------------------(suggestion by ccb: put him as element 111, below gold and silver, atomic symbol officially Uuu, but who cares? :D)
1. Rd exists as a monoatomic element.
2, Rd is a catalyst of mark increase by lowering our activation energy, putting us in the right orientation and attitude towaRds chemistry.
3. Up till now, no stable compounds of Rd and another element of the opposite sex has been discovered. (He's still single! :D)
4. Rd is HOT. (Rd is actually radioactive bah, in other words hot haha)
5. Rd is most commonly found in Mauritius, but an abundant source of it has been recently discovered in Singapore.
6. Rd is rather inert.
7. Rd is often found as a pure compound. Sometimes, though, elements of the opposite sex may be found together with it.

Element: Ruthdystronium (RD-264), commonly known as Rudidium or Ahsenic
Symbol: Rd
Discoverer: 06s7d, 2006
Atomic Mass: 264
Location: Rd is most stable in Mauritius, but it has been seen to exhibit similar stability in Singapore.
Application of appropriate amount of pressure will result in the physical manifestation of Italian cuisine.
Further application of pressure will cause it to emit sounds of “irrelevant”.
Physical properties:
Rd exists as a monoatomic element.
Rd is inert, and highly unreactive even in extreme conditions. Many reactions possess a high activation energy, rendering them non-spontaneous.
Rd is radioactive (HOT).
Chemical properties:
Rd is a catalyst of mark increase by lowering our activation energy, putting us in the right orientation and attitude towaRds chemistry.
Despite being highly unreactive, it shows passing charges as it often forms as positively-charged pass-ion.
Ability to form a complex with Bi(llabong), which tends to form a belt around the element on the x-y plane. Following addition of Americium (Am), it is able to undergo ligand exchange with Ar(mani) and Xe(hange) which similarly form a belt around the x-y plane.
Ability to form complex with compounds found in Blackberries.
Highly miscible with compound 06S7D because of its ability to form intermolecular bonds involving pizza with it, where the energy released from the solute-solvent bond formation is more exothermic than the energy required to break solvent-solvent and solute-solute bonds.
Potential hazards:
Hallucinogen that penetrates the CNS, inducing deception in the subject on the real difficulty of certain chemistry questions

yep..too bad i didn't take a pic..anw, there were many female teachers swarming his desk after that to look at the photo frame...apparently his charge density is truly very high.

anw, all the best everyone for prelims! :):)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Disclaimer: The following is random content generated by smashing the keyboard randomly. Any semblance to any known language is purely coincidental; there are no ulterior motives or meaning in the following characters. Reading on is pointless. The author takes no responsibility as to what thoughts the reader might encounter while reading the following random text.

It is 7pm, the day before our GP preliminary examinations, and I find myself engrossed completely in doing nothing. It is an exquisitely exotic thing to do amidst the growing stress of examinations and peer pressure, and thus I shall make full use of the opportunity to fool others into being distracted from actual study, thereby shifting the bell curve and hopefully ensuring that my placing will be improved. Muhahaha. It's also an excuse to randomly write and hopefully improve my linguistic capabilities, but that's not the point. And you are not supposed to realise that. Consequentially, I will thus embark onto a tirade of ramblings that will be generally unrelated and I have put no planning into beforehand. You should be able to tell this by now, because thus far there has been no point. None, zero, null, cipher, nada, zilch. Brilliant, is it not?

Firstly, we shall explore the various intricacies of ninjas. Ninjas are cool. So are jedi. What would be cooler would be jedi-ninja. But since the discussion is not about jedi-ninja we shall refrain from being tangential and focus primarily on ninjas. Although jedi-ninja will be liek so uber kewl wif liek throwing-sabers and saber-chucks. I'd hate to be hit with a saber-chuck. Then because they're so ultra cool they'll eat .. waffles for breakfast. See, when normal people make threats they promulgate things like "I eat weaklings like you for breakfast." The jedi-ninja will then promptly reply "I eat waffles for breakfast" The sheer magnitude of this declaration coupled with its truth will undoubtedly shatter the simpleton's mind and break him, reducing him to a cowering excuse for a human. But back to the point. Ninjas have yet to achieve the mastery that the epitome of humanity, jedi-ninjas, have achieved, in lieu of this they have something which jedi-ninjas lack! Publicity! Ninjas are fairly well known, unlike their superior counterparts, which an article in science weekly attributes to the fundamental aspects of human nature; the innate egoist which rejects the notion of beings far superior than oneself. Ergo, people do not believe in the existence of jedi-ninja despite mounting evidence of their existence. Furthermore, jedi-ninjas are modest beings, the natural antagonist of the odious, ostentatious pirates. These upstarts are nothing more than mere turpitude, their ability with swords elementary at best, their morals depraved. Yet pirate-worshippers are seemingly ubiquitous, oblivious to the fact that all their praise and support would be rendered nugatory by a single jedi-ninja. Well, to be fair a ninja would be able to decimate hordes of pirates too, but it might take him more than 3 seconds.

Therefore! I conclude that in the absence of ruling power society will collapse into Warre, in which a warre is one of every man against every man, and consequentially nothing may be unjust for without a common Power there is no Law, and where there is no Law there is no injustice.


Saturday, 25 August 2007

Do you remember...

Do you remember the times when we chatted endlessly during lectures, oblivious to what was being taught? Or the times last year when Chia Ming suddenly broke out laughing and the whole class (together with all the other people in the lecture hall) turned in her direction?

Well, its our last lecture already.

x x x

Do you remember the times when we had tutorials in the STP classroom and talked during tutorials, amusing ourselves?

Well, its our last tutorial already.

x x x

Do you remember the times when we slept/did hw/did nothing/talked to mr lee during CT session, all the while moaning about how useless that period was?

Well, its our last CT session already (and we promptly spent it eating pizza while the other classes were listening to some boring briefing in the audi!).

x x x

Do you remember the times when we enjoyed each other's company at the class bench before school started, and how the class bench became our little home in school, where we always make sure we take a detour through when walking to the bus stop, because we want to see whos there? Well, its one of our last times at the class bench already.

When we come back next year to get our A level results, our new junior class will occupy our class bench, other people will fill up the lecture halls, the tutorial classrooms, and the school walkways. It won't be the same anymore... and we won't able to be together as a class again...

Whatever the case, I'm so glad to have been part of this class. Though its not a perfect class, but its one that has given me lots of joy and laughter - and that im thankful for. Thank you to each and everyone of you for making hwachong life so memorable for me! its been a WONDERFUL journey with you guys!!! =)

Kai Herng

For the other photos in their full resolution, please visit: Click on the magnifying glass thing in the image to view in full size. (To JR: Sorry I forgot to give u the link last nite!)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

photos! =)

Yay! Just to prove i've uploaded the photos this time ^^. And for some weird reason blogger doesn't let me upload the other photos T_T

Monday, 20 August 2007

Teachers' Day Gifts

(Pls correct title if the apostrophe is in the wrong place ^^)

Shall we:
1) get them individually?
2) get the reps to get them.
3) go as a class to buy them.

General consensus would most likely be #2, from what I think. But I shall leave things open.

Oh, if #2 is decided on, can somebody suggest a gift for Ms Kwee?

Okay put it this way, use the comments section in this post to discuss the possible gifts for the teachers.

Argh in the background is the TV with the 'the usual?' advertisement. Please don't post 'the usual'. Haha :D

Edit: Can discuss about outing this/ next friday as well :)
1) Kbox ('cept nik haha)
2) 881? Lol. Not interactive ><
3) Go someone's house (would your parents mind? Mine would scream about the upcoming As, but well...)
4) Pool/ LAN/ Bowling
5) Mugging retreat (EEK)

Sunday, 12 August 2007


whee! since i owe the blog alot of photos (since forever) and i've alw been persuading people to send/bluetooth me stuff to post, here they are!! ^^ enjoy!

oh. and what's with blogger refusing wl? =S

and why are the images all over. oh no. i don't know how to post this...

uhm. oh no. i can't find the mural painting pix kh wanted me to post very long ago. =x

this was the caterpillar we tortured till it uhm poo-ed eons ago.

shall just post one more..

my friend thinks we should have this as class jacket -.=
and this is the killing of 2 birds with one stone. as in.. there were supposed to be twins in this egg that was to be my lunch. ow. so sorry. >.< if you can tell, there are 2 egg yolks in the egg there.. =D
that's all! =))
have a great week ahead! ^^

Saturday, 11 August 2007


In a bid to float this blog alive.

[Thank you Peishan for these two]
1) A man pushed a car to a hotel and went bankrupt. Why?
2) Mother and daughter were travelling home on a train. Mother went to the toilet, and came back to find her daughter missing with a cloth on the seat. What happened?
[Thank you Voon and Jane for this]
3) A man went to a restaurant and ate some seagull meat. He then went out and shot himself. Why?
[Thank you Voon and Tay for this]
4) A man was driving along the road. He then got out from the car, took out a gun and shot himself. Why?
[Thank you Voon for this]
5) A naked man was found dead in a desert with a matchstick in his hand. What happened?
[Thank you TYZ for this]
6) A man was found dead in a house holding a coke can with a small hole in it. What happened?

1) Ask any question.
2) A reply will be given, which could be yes, no, or irrelevant to the solution.
3) Have fun guessing, to those who have not already.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility for the accidental release of spoilers anywhere on this blog, or in any conversation held online, in real life, or in a blog entry or forum post, whether it be on purpose or accidental. And thanks extends to anyone in general who played a role in thinking of these nice scenarios.