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Friday, 25 August 2006


Whee, lets have some random trivia. Was bored, and started looking up the meanings of names.. and here are some from our class..

Origin Meaning
Hebrew enlightened/teacher
Traits: Aaron is described as a small, nice-looking man who is honest, hardworking, and responsible--an effective leader with a quiet manner.
<-- Look for aaron for tution ^^

Origin Meaning
Greek strong, manly
Traits: The name Andrew has two different images: a big, strong, jolly guy you can count on when the chips are down, or a smart but wimpy preppy.
<-- Fear the strong manly andrew!

Origin Meaning
Latin dark
Traits: People picture Adrian as an attractive, perhaps effeminate, man who is sensitive, loving, thoughtful, and rich.
Female version of name: AdriĆ  From Adria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark. <-- Maybe that's why no one sees you.. then always kena injury

Origin Meaning
Old German beloved by all/noble friend
Traits: Alvin's image comes straight from David Seville's singing chipmunks. People describe Alvin as a cute, mischievous comic with a very squeaky voice.
<-- Omg, friendly alvin! Originates from german ^^ and squeaks!!!

Origin Meaning
Hebrew son of the right hand
Traits: People think of Benjamin as a smart and inventive man who is tall, strong, and cute. <-- Son of right hand? bbq.. That's really a weird name.

Origin Meaning
Latin Beloved
Traits: Most people think of Cheryl as cute, petite, sweet, and friendly, though some picture her as fat. <-- Whee, cherry!! Oh, and you need to eat more.

Origin Meaning
Latin divine
Traits: Most people see Diana as a pretty, upper-class blonde who is old-fashioned, quiet, and intelligent. Some, though, see Diana as opportunistic.
<-- Do you still visit here?

Hmm.. no irvin o.O
Origin Meaning
Old English sea friend
Irish Gaelic beautiful
Traits: Irving calls to mind two different images: a stuffy, stodgy, and nerdy Ivy Leaguer, or a witty, talented, musical Jewish man reminiscent of Irving Berlin.
Irwin Traits: Irwin is pictured as a lonely, shy, and quiet only child who collects stamps and earns grades that make his mother happy. People say Irwin will grow up to be a highly successful, hardworking businessman.
<-- Woo, most unique name so far.. Irish gaelic? zomg

Origin Meaning
French I love
Traits: Jaime is a popular unisex name. A girl with this name is pictured as cute, sensual, and mischievous.
Form of James. (means One who supplants.)
<-- o.O First one in which the male/female versions have different meanings..

Origin Meaning
Hebrew God's gracious gift
Traits: No surprise! People think of Jane as plain. The name calls to mind the common, dependable, garden-variety girl next door; "Jane Doe."
<-- sad plain jane..
Janelle Traits: Janelle comes across as a thin, well-groomed, pretty blonde. She's a sweet, smart, and happy person who is either still in college or a professional woman.

Origin Meaning
Greek Form of Katherine. Pure, virginal.
Traits: People describe Katrina as a natural-born ballerina: slender, dainty, and graceful. She comes across as a sensitive, ladylike blonde with a rather aloof personality.
Origin Meaning
Hindi points of sacred kusa grass
Greek pure
Traits: People seem to think of Trina as a skinny ballerina with a ponytail who may be nice and easygoing or outspoken. Most think Trina is Spanish, though the name also suggest a Polish background. <-- Sacred kusa grass? omg, so cool.. haha.

Origin Meaning
Greek victory of the people
Niklas -> Swedish or german.. hmm
Traits: Thanks to St. Nicholas, most people think of Nicholas as cute, fat, jolly, and generous. Some, though, think of Nicholas as a spoiled, temperamental devil.
Traits: Most people picture Nick as a strong, swarthy gangster. Some, though, see Nick as a clever, suave good guy, like Nick Charles.
<-- woo, i mean victory.

Origin Meaning
Irish God's gracious gift
Traits: People think of Sean as either a small, moody loner, like Sean Penn, or a good-looking, adventurous, upper-class British sophisticate, like Sean Connery.
<-- Male form of jane. wahaha =p

Meaning: God's gracious gift
Traits: People think of Ian as a sophisticated, intellectual prankster--a Monty Python character, perhaps. Ian is pictured as a tall, thin Englishman who is likable but often labeled as a snob.
<-- Oops, forgot about you initially >.<. AND you have the same meaning as JANE AND SEAN OMG.
Female form of name: Ianna

Evil chinese names don't have meanings.. or at least, i can't be bothered to look.

Only other person possibly considered..
Origin Meaning
Old English from the bright meadow
Traits: People picture Shirley as a gray-haired version of Shirley Temple--cute, sweet, curly-haired, baby-faced, and overweight.
<-- You're from the bright meadow? Wooooo

Yay for random trivia post. Good to have general knowledge on random stuff

Sunday, 13 August 2006

some entertainment

heh heh. found this on some long ago entry. kept me laughin for a long time. haha.

happy birthday to nik!

Thursday, 10 August 2006

The Story (Part II)

Remember Part I? [His heart thumped in darkness but stopped in the morning ...]

...starting late noon, but flew free, enjoying the sunlight, but feeling the icy wrath of hell's fury, a cold unmatched by the cold jokes of ionic bears, notorious for smelling of chloroform and liking it. Sleepwalking sleighs plow the prairie slaughtering slow, sticky slugs seperately synthesising sweet savory sanguine snacks and smelling unknown substances like stuff smelled during chem lect and stuff smelled during celebrations which smelled similar to perfume, the kind especially well-liked by people who often like to eat, sleep, defecate and fartulate 24 hours a day, 7 times a second, never stopping except to do backflips and frontcrawl, sometimes making full use...

Friday, 4 August 2006

Of paradoxes, playing cards, and pink kangaroos.

Been a long while since I've posted any filler, and since I'm bored out of my mind, don't want to touch maths or chem, and basically have nothing better to do, say hello to filler #3

Writing fillers based on nothing does have its limits as I expect it would eventually become repititive and boring, and therefore this filler will have some form of nonsensical content, in which I will be contrasting and drawing a link between paradoxes, playing cards, and pink kangaroos, random words which I just thought of. If you were putting off anything important, now is a good time to do it, before you start reading this and waste 5 minutes of your life on my random ramblings <-- *gasp* alliteration! Which just gave me a thought, attempting to write long sentences of alliterations. If I can think of anything. So anyway, on to my main substantive - What exactly do paradoxes, playing cards, and pink kangaroos have in common? Firstly, they all start with the letter 'p', which is extremely coincidental and amazing. FYI, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, so therefore the chances of all three words starting with the same letters is equivalent to 1/26^3, or 1/17576, which has a smaller chance of happening then drowing in your bathtub (1/11289 IIRC). A quick google also shows its got rather similar chances to 'death by Exposure to animate mechanical forces', (1/17549). So be careful when you shower today, and don't drown while attempting to wash your hair, or getting strangled by the showerhead somehow.

So anyway, this shows that starting with the same letter isn't all that trivial a similarity, and is occurs rather rarely. Really. Regarding realistic remaining resemblences, <-- (woo, long alliteration), they all are linked to 42. First, playing cards. If you play bridge, the average number of points in a game is approximately 42, because 40 from point cards, and 2 from long suits. Therefore we can see that playing cards are so clearly linked to the answer. In fact, since the answer is 'the Answer', we should all spend more time playing cards instead of studying, I mean, what's the point of learning stuff which is ultimately irrelevant when you could be playing a game to learn more about THE ANSWER! Is not the ultimate aim of education and humanity to find the answer about the universe, life, and everything? And the answer's sitting right in front of it, it's just that the teachers are just too shortsighted to realise that playing bridge should be encouraged. The bridge game was invented by humans, an idea which was realised by our subconscious innate desire which manifested itself into the answer in the form of points! Therefore, bridge is the ultimate game which can solve all our problems. But I digress. So now we see clearly and undeniably that bridge is definitely linked to 42. So what about paradoxes? Well, it's fairly obvious. When you have a paradox, you must look for the right answer. The answer is often complex and difficult to grasp, which therefore means that it is elusive. Which therefore means it must be 42, because 42 is the answer to everything, so when you have a question it must be 42. So paradoxes are basically attempts to find the question to the answer, like those weird thingies you do in primary school where you're given an answer and you must come up with a question. So paradoxes are intrinsically linked to 42 as well, which proves undeniably that paradoxes are extremely similar to playing cards. So finally we have to look at pink kangaroos. Well, the answer is rather obvious. How many pink kangaroos do you know that exist? 42. You know, that one, that one, and those other 40. Or if you count in another way, it's that, that, that, and the other 39. No matter how hard you try to look at it, it always comes back to 42 (Disclaimer, if you do not have enough general knowledge to know of 42 pink kangaroos, you need to read more.) Finally, the final similarity which is glaringly obvious between all of them. Well, it's so obvious you probably don't really need me to tell you what it is. I mean, the moment you see these 3 words (okay, so it's not 3 words.. 3 phrases. Sue me.), you'll think of this similarity. Well, maybe you can't count it as a similarity since it's so obvious, but still, I'll just list it here for the heck of it. Just for the few of you which might not have figured it out. Ninjas. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. 'Obviously they're all related to ninjas =.=;;', but this wouldn't be complete without listing ninjas, so yeah. Won't bother trying to explain how they're linked to ninjas, since it's so obvious it's impossible to explain. It's like explaining why 1+1=2. It just is.

~nik, your resident spammer

Thursday, 3 August 2006


"Describe sights, sounds and activities outside my window."

"What I would like to see in my aged parents and grandparents."

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

The Story (Part I)

And the tale thus far.

It was a late night. Day was coming, but not the martians, because they were waiting for the sun to sleep before they dare appear. The old brown fox jumped for joy when he heard two germans talking about how goalkeepers and salads differ. French toast and syrup taste like rock and mud. Cool people roast salkins tenderly for breakfast! Firetoads prance around kaihui; icicles fell from the big blue duck with juicy tender drumsticks that taste like radioactive pink (like) the bee who ate them. Thus the bee chased Jane and settled on her hairband and wai lumn can't count, so she closed her eyes and started counting to five, slowly and deliberately, waiting for enlightenment by the great FSM but tomato sacrifices lacked. Thus pirates reigned supreme, along with the magical compass belonging to my dog your god, ruler protractor, sets square and GC. His heart thumped in darkness but stopped in the morning ...

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Class chalet?

Class chalet anyone? i'm thinking of getting one after school closes for this year, and its good to book early yarh? in anycase, please pick one of the below
a)aloha loyang
b)downtown east
c)costa sands
d)east coast
e)sentosa (errrr)
f)any other suggestions?

haha btw if we're intending to go govt chalet we'd get discounts if the person is a civil servant or an ntuc someting. dunno what. can someone clarify and volunteer their parents :D ?

ok i'm sure some of u have seen these pics b4 le, but i still think they're a bundle of laughs. they actually have them pinned up on the staff room board lol.