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Tuesday, 28 February 2006

yay just bored

hello hello, i havent been blogging in awhile
i just saw the photos for the STJ and i thought they were pretty amusing lol. u two are quite photogenic no?

today we had econs ILP someone out there owes our group 250 jumping jacks. just think, we bought u guys chocs and all we're asking for is some jumping jacks lol. at first we were thinking just give u all fake credits/money let u all bid, but then u all wouldnt feel the pinch and will therefore bid to crazy ridiculous prices (say, a google?) but anyway i guess the jumping jack method sort of worked yarh? cos only one person siao enough to say 250. i think its andrew. u watch out man.

we also did that stupid GP thing today. ARGH. paraphrasing is CRAP. hate it hate it hate it. fail fail fail.

Monday, 27 February 2006


There was an announcement on the "when-on-earth-was-there-a-PA-system" PA system in sch today. It requested all CT reps to go to the general office immediately.
When Jin Rong returned, he was carrying...

a case of yoghurts.

Ok. -.-"

Perhaps the school is trying to legalize eating outside the canteen or something...
Or maybe the school is trying to promote healthy living...

Whatever :)

Sunday, 26 February 2006


I feel scandalized.. =(

Despite what I expect everyone to say, the below are taken out of context.. *cough staring competitions*. Hence the stoned expressions.

Before going for dinner, a large proportion of the class went to go play pool, and I managed to get a nice 75% win rate.. not bad for a newbie. Proves the beginner's luck + 10% philosophy. After that, we realised we were late and consequently dawdled our way over to taka, after which we went all over the building apparently looking for other people. Then, we went to go find crystal jade, noting in the process there seemed to be alot of other crystal jades around..

Of course, of the 4 different ones we had to go to the one with the longest queue and the cheapest food, a queue approximately 40+ minutes long. *insert sardonic "i told you so"*, because my brilliant *coughlastminutecough* prediction the day before came true that on saturday, taka, crystal jade, would be so full it would be difficult to fit 30+ people in it. Hah.

So sitting around we got really bored and I decided I wanted a rematch for my pathetic loss the last time! Hence the staring competition. The first round was over in less then 10 minutes with me emerging as the victor! Then we stoned for the next 30 minutes (i was timing), all the way until the queue was gone. Attracting weird stares from passerbys. (Jaime was wearing contacts and needed eyedrops, resulting in the look like she was crying. Terrible scandal material)

Eventually we made it into the restaurant, and plonked ourselves at a table. Then started to order/whatnot and blah.

Anyway, STJ wasn't all that fun for my table, since it was an all-guys table, and there were no conversation starters or fun people. So we sat around and ate. Then we played hp games.
The hand phone games were good.

We continued playing handphone games with evil koo bullying us newbies because he had practiced getting hole-in-ones on his handphone for ages. But I managed to maintain a lead for a while (supporting beginner's luck + 10% theory, and the niklas must screen to win theory), until i hit a stupid 7-pointer, which sucked. That, and koo started remembering how to score 1-pointers.

In the meantime we were following the rest who were apparently looking for a haagen daz outlet or something, and people amusing themselves trying to reverse names.. some of the best include Yat Noraa, Ook Wredna, Gnow Salkin (now sulking. whee), and of course Gnip Gnip Gnap =p

Halfway through the ordering of the ice cream, the security guard came and started closing the door. (I'm sure it wasn't our fault for making strange noises!), and we rushed to the other exit to get out, with Adrian (i think?) standing under the door to prevent the guy from closing it.

We trekked outside, where poor Alvin was set upon being the unlucky holder of the ice cream, and we camped in the corner to finish up the two tubs (yes two tubs. That's how litt.. much 50 bucks gets), and had fun with dry ice afterwards, with Jin Rong doing a statue of liberty pose, and various suggestions of dumping it on the road to make it look suspicious.

Then we all went home.


Boy meets Girl
Boy Smiles
Girl Smiles
[Edit: As 'requested' by Niklas Wong]

"The Statue of Haagen Dazs"

Saturday, 25 February 2006

a sad day

First came the debates...bei4 owned...but never mind, we have shown our strong spirit and "passion" by fighting this uphill battle. The three speakers have especially demonstrated their perserverance and determination, and they have definitely tried their very very best. Three cheers for Wee, Andrew and Jin Rong!! And three cheers for 7D!!

We may have lost, but surely we have grown stronger as a class. Jack had won the best speaker, but he has totally lost my respect for him. Besides doing personal attacks, he didn't have the courtesy to at least apologise or explain to us after the debates, unlike the two girls from the bench. He was not fit at all to be the best speaker, as well as a student leader. I shall never vote for him any more in future elections...>.< my laptop crashed...most prob due to serious prob...haiz...maybe for the next few days or even weeks, i may not hav a com to use...sobs...

Hopefully tmr's STJ would be fun...OOPS, just realised it has passed midnight...haha, ok, so hopefully TODAY'S STJ would be fun!

Friday, 24 February 2006



We(e) got pwned for debates :<

Was a good fight by both sides though, though A15 probably won due to their style. Propo didn't prove their case, merely defending their impossible definition by pointing out that we didn't come up with a better one that was specific enough. We didn't kill their fallacious points enough either... Which turns the debate into like 2 soccer teams playing a defending game, or seeing who can build the tallest sandcastle.

Either how, I seriously don't think Jack should have gotten best speaker, for the simple reason that good debaters respect their opponents and not issue personal attacks. Maybe he feels insecure or whatever, but April or Liang En would be better candidates for best speaker :\

Thursday, 23 February 2006


it's 11:14 PM as i type this.
piaing econs ilp presentation.
i feel like sleeping already.

yeah man!


it was really fun! bracelt lessons! wah piang. sper good man. show u all the bracelet in sku. or u can go to my blog to c the photos there. haha. jus go read my latest entry. haha

n guess what! i oso signed up for the wiring lesson cos tchr asked me to. next tue. haha. can make neckalcem earings, hp chains, key chains. v cool!

cheers man! n i hope everybody hv fun in all ur GEMs courses!

sth interesting..

o well. this is probably not v interesting, but it's sth i discovered..

tat u can go 06s7d blogger acct and change anyone's post. so er.. u can add stuff to wat ppl said or din say.. like er.. obscenities or anyth u want. so it's pretty scary.

n this 'knowledge' shud not be abused. (even if u hate someone alot.. x.x)

knowledge is power n with greater power comes greater responsibility...

ah.. im crappin.. (y m i stil here.. tutorials!!)

*must there be a title?*

quoted fr tagbd of senior claz: "btw CRYZ jade cannot make alot of noise if not the SIEW CHAIRS will chase u all out out out bad idea"

the mass appeal for non-crysjade went.. er.. unsuccessful. how sad. but only 5 out of 18 ppl going strongly felt against crysjade. hmm.. owell.. since there's nth we can do abt it, might as well jx enjoy it lorh. but cannot make noise.. v.v tragic. where's the fun.. erpz.

why do adults not like kids to make noise?

n so i tink we shud do sth else after the dinner. if not abit.. weird? like jts has been noted to hav little interaction btwn S and J, so stj shud be better.. i hope?

i can't view the russell peters thing..

btw, our claz has new pack of tiny cards. which i think can be made tinier!! haha. (quote of the day: why did u go and bid 4 hearts..) lolx. ok. i shall not open screen again.. x.x

regarding debate tmr.. aiyah.. y our debaters so zibaoziqi.. mx hav the "fighting" spirit mah. so realistic n measure ur abilities for wat.. x.x ha. but all the best lah. n no matter wat happens, u all will stil hav our support! n applause! ^^ ganbatte!! cannot trash at least put up a gd fight. heh. *looks forward to tmr*

n with that, i shall go attack my ever-sky-high pile of tutorials. i dun understand y i haven't been able to finish them!!! why?! sigh..

p.s. we need a better archiving system.. anyone knows how to do archiving? -.-
p.p.s. re: ben's tag -> the "word" isnt exactly convenient to spell out.. hmm.. ^^


Q: Baby name that means "Pure"?

Hint: Its one of us.

Don't google... =p And Andrew isn't allowed to answer (Because he knows the answer. And its not him.)

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

first post?

yo, niklas here.. finally got bored enough to get around to making an acc and etc.. thanks to Jane for telling me how to spell a certain word. *cough*

Uhh. Like nothing to post. And I shall make a public announcement: Chia Ming is psychotic!! Everyone tell her how psychotic she is, she doesn't believe me =(

Today is uneventful, except for fun occurences in PE..

*me jumps the SBJ*
*me fails*
teacher: must swing arms more!
*jumps again*
teacher: yes, swing more! jump a bit more, then.. eh, you passed.
me: omg, i passed.

okay, nm. I reserve the job of class blog space filler and lamer.. kthnxbai

Tuesday, 21 February 2006


pak says:
what's the motion?
 Andrew  says:
pak says:
i realli dunno
pak says:
my class is liddat..
pak says:
we have this almost national debater who sets the case

pak says:
what's the exact wording? i noe its smth about racial harmony
 Andrew  says:
THBT Singapore has a long way to go before acheiving (?) racial harmony
pak says:
pak says:
k i'm not debating

pak says:
we dont have a case!
pak says:
it'll come out tmr

Why do I feel despised? And can We(e) please stop slacking?

random gags

hi guys...just blogging a little before i go off to slp...

so what will STJ be like? Marche is definitely unanimous, at least for those who were banging their fists on the class bench and chanting in unison this afternoon...but heard that it will be in crystal jade? what's happening? where and when?

Just a few housekeeping matters that i suddenly thought of...we've got that black and lime green 7D class poster that the seniors painted...probably still in the class mailbox...wanna hang it up above our class bench or sth?

and remember during orientation when we were all rather high...and wailumn suggested having this class gag where pple suddenly point up to the sky and start exclaiming? wanna do that some day after school when everyone's stoning at the class bench? =)

thought of another random gag. quite common though...while walking along the corridors of the E block after lessons, the whole class could look into an occupied class, smile and wave at the people inside while walking, and kind of gradually bend ur knees to look as though you are sinking into the ground...all that while still smiling and waving. Chia Ming suggested having this wave effect while we are at it...

yay. this is probably going to be lame, but whateverrr. long live insanity and impulse. =)

SmileS! (ps Alvin, don't smile with chocolate in your makes ur teeth look rotten haha)


Haha Chia Ming finds just about everything entertaining ^^.

I find myself stoning at the class bench quite often too, doing just about nothing =\ And everyone should learn how to play bridge! :D As our Faculty EC says, a very mind-stimulating game :)

Anyway, what are the details of STJ? Heard from 79 (okay not heard, I read their class blog) that they're gonna have JTS this Saturday at Marche lol. Seems like everyone wants to go Marche...

Hmm and since our blog seems to be thriving maybe we can publicise it a bit more? =p We should do up links to other classes sometime soon, maybe.


.Hey 7D! Gosh I took so long to figure this out haha. Super retarded. Hmm thanks Kai Herng for helping.. :)

Yep today was ultra slack la. I wasted my whole aftnn at the class bench doing 2 miserable math qns frm tut 2A that we were supposed to have done a long time ago. cos firstly I'm quite slow at math and secondly I wasnt concentrating and thirdly I was damn sian and fourthly I was super hungry hahaha. Now thinking abt it I feel quite sad for myself.

Hmmm you know what, it's actually really nice staying in school just doing nth impt. I mean I've been doing that for like the past 2 years ahaha. Too bad I dunno how to play bridge/daidee/mahjong so always feel a bit antisocial when ppl play:P Ok anyway at this point I wanna point out that we all have different priorities right. So we shd tolerate one another's muggerishness or slackiness even while we try to achieve a balance (which actually I think we never will). Pls bear in mind that TOLERANCE IS A VIRTUE:D

Oh yeps Katrina don't worry cos your secret is safe with me HAHAHA. No la just kidding. Yep it's still v gd to be champs! My idol for one day ahaha not bad:D

Well I guess that's abt it la. STJ coming soon... hope it's more fun than JTS hahaha. All I remember abt JTS is how I started laughing when my food came cos it looked like JUNGLE hahahaha. Up till now I still find it quite entertaining:P

Joke, haha

Three tortoises, Mick, Alan and Les, decide to go on a picnic. So Mick packs the picnic basket with beer and sandwiches. The trouble is the picnic site is ten miles away so it takes them ten days to get there.

When they get there Mick unpacks the food and beer. "Ok Les Give me the bottle opener."

"I didn't bring it," says Les. "I thought you packed it."

Mick gets worried, He turns to Alan, "Did you bring the bottle opener??"

Naturally Alan didn't bring it. So they're stuck ten miles from Home without a bottle opener. Mick and Alan beg Les to go back for It, but he refuses as he says they will eat all the sandwiches.

After two hours, and after they have sworn on their tortoise Lives that they will not eat the sandwiches, he finally agrees. So Les sets off down the road at a steady pace.

Twenty days pass and he still isn't back and Mick and Alan are starving, but a promise is a promise.

Another five days and he still isn't back, but a promise is a promise. Finally they can't take it any longer so they take out a Sandwich each, and just as they are about to eat it, Les pops up from behind a rock and shouts........


Anyway for those interested in watching russell peters you can click here. Viewer's discretion is advised.

Monday, 20 February 2006

What's tt on the ground? It's an ant, a speck of dust, it's...

Katrina. Muahaha. Yay...this is my first blog post as well...many thanks to Jane for putting up with me. Took her long enough to direct me here.

Happy to be here. :) Hope I won't flood this class blog with unnecessary/random stuff and maybe even end up making it my own.

by the way, i really want to thank you guys for ur enthusiastic support. i was really touched when u guys cheered for me today. :D however, it really was rather malu-ating and for futher explanation as to why it is so, go ask chia ming or niklas. haha. but don't underestimate me horh. i'm small and round and a bowling ball.

another thing. i think no one really understood those words in black written beside "Marche" on the paper for STJ? it is a suggestion by eating place called Village somewhere in Chinatown. the concept is somewhat the same as Marche's but it gives u more value for ur money. anyone wants to go there for STJ?

and i would like to appeal to any able-nasal-ed person to please perform those wacky "your mother so fat" lines at class bench or sth...will guarantee snickers, i think. :P

wells, that's about all i have to say for now... let's look forward to friday together! woohoo!

Sunday, 19 February 2006

Yay! My first blog post...

Lolz everyone,

Yay, finally i'm in this whole bloggy business that is spreading round the world like wildfire...:D

This is the first blog i ever have. Haha, so i am a newbie here... pls everyone qing3 duo1 duo1 zhi3 jiao4, K?

As for Jane, Kai Herng and those who initiated the blog, i muz really apologise to you all. Sorry :P

So this blog is currently thriving, with so many ppl actively posting here...Yay, three cheers for all of us! Keep it up! Hope there will never be a time when we need to resurrect this blog...

Majulah 06s7d...

p.s. forgive me if anyone spots any grammatical or spelling errors within my english is lousy...hehe, if you are kind enough, inform me about the errors to prevent me from chu1 chou3-ing. thanx!


Thursday, 16 February 2006

One lame post

No prizes for guessing who I am. (I shall assume it's kinda obvious.)

Got this from an email from a good friend in NJC (i.e. the JC opposite the roads)... Excerpts:

Q: How many RJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: 4 whole faculties. One faculty to design the new bulb, one faculty to test it out, one faculty to market it and one guy to write a stupid E-mail about lightbulbs
Q: How many HCJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: The whole school. To compete with RJC.
Q: How many VJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: The whole school. One student to screw it in and the rest to cheer and wave flags and banners to give him/her support.
Q: How many NJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. They can study without light.
Q: How many AJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: They're too busy trying to be one of the top 5 JCs.
Q: How many ACJC students does it take to change lightbulb?
A: None. They'd use all their money to employ YJC to do it for them.
Q: How many YJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. Only one teacher to tell them what a lightbulb is in the first place and to demonstrate (how do you think they're able to change it for ACJC?)
Q: How many CJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: They'd prefer it darker. *raises eyebrows*
Q: How many TPJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: They wouldn't bother.
Q: How many SAJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. They believe in praying for it.
Q: How many SRJC students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Huh, wat litebarbu...
Q: Don't you guys wonder who wrote this?
Q: How many TJC students does it take to change the lightbulb?
A: None. They think they are very bright already.

The above text does not serve to insult anyone or anything. Some parts have been removed as I feel them too insulting. For the full email, email me.
oh!! someone (anonymous) found my phone n used it to call my fren, who returned it to me!! so.. er.. she doesn't know who the person is, n neither do i. so nvm.

my hp lies over the ocean
my hp lies over the sea
my hp lies over the ocean
but someone brought it back to me
brought back oh brought back
oh someone brought back my hp to me to me!
brought back oh brought back
oh someone brought back my hp to me!

lolx. dun mind me. im jx high.. ^^

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

wait wait wait

ahhhh ok i just read over my post, and being the terribly indecisive and flighty person i am (hmm) i've changed my mind. ok not really, i still support the fact that our class is hardworking, but like jinrong, calling for more slacking and more talking cock, esp at class bench :) illegal card playing, whatever. aye to studying, but down with excessive mugging lol.

be jolly people :)


our group has just finished the oil thingy for econs...yay whoopeedo...

i hope jane finds her handphone soon, it sucks to lose your handphone. once i forgot to bring it to school, and i felt completely lost.

i guess that sort of mirrors the way i feel in school. i feel occasionally, okay, very often lost in all the new stuff we're learning. like one minute you understand, and the next minute you dont. sometimes i just dont understand, period. like maths. like the funny bio buffering thing. speaking of which, i shall go and look over the notes again in awhile, to see if i can decipher them.

i think its kind of admirable that our class has a lot of shang4 jin4 xin1. its like in other classes, pple are not handing in work, they're just copying every morning or whatever.

in 7D it's sort of like pple are doing their hmwk the minute they get it, or they're doing even before the teachers ask. its ridiculously hardworking. its good in the sense that everybody just gets smarter and smarter and class can go faster. but its like i cant catch up sometimes...take a really long time to understand stuff. sometimes i just feel so left behind and frankly, quite stupid. acck. nvm. u have to forgive me for not having that habit of doing everything in advance and for not being such a perfect student lol. but jing4 zhu1 zhe3 chi4, jing4 mo4 zhe3 hei1 right? under all ur good influences, will probably be pressured to be more hardworking. will gambate and work harder :) :) which is always good.

i've decided to take H1 chinese because i got a c6 and im kiasu that the c6 will look really ugly on my future applications. lol maybe i dont really have a love for the language and what not, but im just doing it for practical reasons, which strikes me as particularly stupid, but nvm. advice anybody? i just think abt another year of having to go through chinese class, and im ready to blanch. really, it is kind of boring. i heard AOs are rather hard. *gulp* hope i can make it.

sorry today's entry sounds particularly melancholy, but its what was on my mind.

according to that colourful colourful mag thing we got today, council applications are coming soon. anybody else interested? i think i want to do it, what do u guys think?
sadness fills thy heart.. n thus thou shalt sing(eth)..

6030 is my sunshine
my only sunshine
it makes me happy
when skies r grey
u nv know dear
how much i luv it
pls dun take my hp away..

return me my nokia now!!!!

Random Stuff

Hey all,

(Yes I finally figured how to post using my own account =.-")

Cross country today was fun. Chern Wei did all of us proud - 11th placing =D! And Soon Huat beat me =O ! I shouldn't have slacked so much at the start of the run. And I must train harder. And I shouldn't have ate fries + yoghurt before the run (you know what happens).

"Only losers tried their best. Winners DID theirs." - some random quote from my seniors. its worth thinking about...we have so many things that we want to excel in. Yet, we find that we cannot meet our own expectations, much less outperform others. Why?

Ok I wont think too much. Otherwise I might as well take KI.


Those who went for JTS, please bring $30 and pass to TYZ. Those who didnt go, please bring $15 and pass to TYZ. you can run but you can't hide. *evil laughter* yah...otherwise soon huat will be broke..he paid the bill ($500++) for us first.


Salsa lessons are commencing on 7 March! Just come and crash!


Lame picture

Less mugging. More food. More bridge. More slacking!

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

online tests

you know how spastic online tests are, especially those with open-ended questions?
Image 1: 13/18 for the econs online quiz. Look at the default answers and compare them with the answers supplied:

Image 2: 18/18. Look again at the answers supplied:


Hey everyone, here's wishing u a very happy valentine's day!

yeah for me this has been a great experience... cos in chinese high it is a non-event... and it sort of feels like christmas/someone's bday... making/buying presents and giving... altho i spent a long time deciding on what to buy... i think the experience was overall quite fun.... and the best thing is that there is that feel-good mood in the air, so it is impossible to feel sian or unhappy =) wish everyday were like that...

Anyway, just wanna thank ms lin & those who shared their chocs after the debate in GP lesson... ate so many chocs my throat was feeling sore already...

btw, i have come to the conclusion that our class teachers are pretty cool... esp. miss lin & miss kwee... haha they are like on the same frequency as us so its quite easy to talk to them... and up to now, i still thank miss kwee for having 'hearing problem'.. if not my handphone will have disappeared by now...

ok i dunno what is the purpose of this post... maybe it is to make the class blog more active... everyone pls post more cos we dont want this blog to die out so fast, do we? other classes' blogs are still as active as day1 lor...

ok... once again, have a happy valentine's day!

and enjoy your run at macritchie tomorrow...

kai herng =)

PS. To andrew: hope you get well soon!

PS II. here are some random jokes to make u smile

1. why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

because he had no body to go with.

2. why was the tomato blushing?

cos he saw the salad dressing

3. okay and this is quite funny...

A little boy was visiting his grandmother and the young boy asked his grandmother,"grandma, how old are you"? She replied, "you shouldn't ask me questions like that". A few minutes past and the young boy asked his grandmother another question, "how much do you weight"? The grandmother replied, "you shouldn't ask me questions like that"!

The following week when the little boy went back to school he told his friends about the coversation he had with his grandmother and how he was unable to get an answer from her.

The little boy's friends advised him to look on her drivers license, all the information will be there. The next week when the little boy was visiting his grandmother he told her he knew how much she weighed and how old she was. The grandmother didn't believe him until he told her,"you weight 130lb., and you are 65 years old".

Then the little boy in a shyful way whispered to his grandmother,

"I also know you got an F in Sex".

Monday, 13 February 2006

jts (9/2)

Ok, it seems that no one is willing to post anything on the jts. So I will.
Want to wait 1 hr++ for yr food? Want to pay $2 for accidentally destroying the menu? Go to fish & co.! (btw, it was not me who found out the second revelation, jin rong did...) (:
Anyway the fish & chips were nice. More than 30 people turned up, majority seniors and the bill totalled > $500. And Soon Huat paid for it first..wonder why he brings so much money around...
Nothing much happened. At least nothing exciting. But Jaime won a staring competition with Niklas and I lost to Jaime too and my competition with Niklas ended with a tie :)
We left past 9pm, and another class (67 if I'm not wrong) was waiting outside as there was not enough seats. Haha..we own them..who ask them come so late?
Yongzi and I saw 3. YES THREE bus 190s leaving the bus stop at once. So we decided to stone outside fish & co with the rest while waiting for the next one to come. Then another one appeared suddenly, so we sprinted/ran quite a distance to catch the bus which fortunately lagged at the bus stop for some time.

Sounds boring? Somebody else post something, photos, whatever, keep this alive :) (:

Friday, 10 February 2006


1) go to
2) Click on sign up
3) Follow instructions to complete sign up, check email to confirm registration
4) Login to 06s7d account, or ask Jane to help for the next 3 steps:
5) Go to Settings > Members
6) Click on Add Member
7) Type your email in
8) Check email for an invitation letter
9) Click on the link. Login to verify as a member of 06s7d
10) To post, login to YOUR account and click on the New Post link under the class blog heading


hey everybody! *waves*

enough talking about O-level our lives depend on one little sheet of paper with miniscule letters printed on it? (maybe i'm typing this cos i'm pissed with not getting an A1. grrr)

THREE things to be happy about:
1) everyone gets to stay in 06S7D! (although only 2 ppl's places are unsecured but its still good news!)
2) everyone gets to stay in 06S7D!
3) everyone gets to stay in 06S7D!

SevenDee rocks. yay.

don't forget to go JTS tmrw!!!

This is jin rong. how do you post using your own blogger account?

Thursday, 9 February 2006


omgomgomg.. shall echo wailumn. how?!?!?! im freaking out as the time draws near. tried not to think abt it the whole aftnn but wasn't reali feasible. instead of my original plan to brood over it at home, blastin e cranky buzzy radio and jx lyin down in aircon rm listenin, decided to go for movie instead. din know if it was a gd choice.. got abit down before movie, but was high again over popcorns. x.x din know that that was possible. i not stupid too was gd! quite a mx watch, but to me not as gd as the first. criteria i judge by is the extent to which it made me cry. which isn't as much as the first (buckets). yea. but the tickle-factor was stil there, so erm.. if u hav e time, GO WATCH. yepz.

watchin grammy's now on chan 5. eyelids droopy.. nitez everyone. gd luck to all with higher chi.. and once again, gd luck to cheryl and me, e only 2 with insecure places? v.v ahhhhhh.. *plucks hair out* kz.. chill...

n wailumn n i seems to be e only ppl makin noise. go wailumn!!


omg omg omg o level results are coming out tmrw!
oh man im so scared -________-"
ok enough of my i whining le. today, we went to watch i not stupid too:) i would say that it was completely a laugh/cry thing, as in you're half laughing half crying throughout the movie. it was absolutely unbelievable how many sniffles one tiny little cinema theatre can hold, but it was practically being drowned in all the tears and mucus and stuff. seriously, it was a sniffle per second, and in the intervals, you just hear jane choking out how shuai the character is. i dont know why im babbling so much rubbish its probably cos im nervous.
bleep bleep blab blab bloop bloop
oh man this is so random
nobody's going to scold me for posting so much crap right?
i notice im the only one around posting rot.

ok bye bye (and someone get a nice blogskin at least! blue=boring!)

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Founder Appreciated

Yea.. whatever. Thanks for creating this.
To be done: see the right column for entire list.
AND YES I AGREE WITH JANE: Don't let this blog die of after a short time.
Obvious points which several people have stated: the blog design needs serious refurbishment. Stuff to be added includes: tagboard, links, etc. Stuff to be done: template for this blog. Yea suggestions please.
And ya, don't use the post function on this blog as frequently as the send button in the MSN chat window. Otherwise there's no point for this blog at all.

Hey everybody

Harlow everyone. This is none other than alvin saying hi to all of you. Just completed my part for econs ilp and i must agree with wai lumn that the page limit thing sucks. Erm and i also tried to do chem tut but gave up... sigh.

Try to get your own blogger account if you can. Then you can post under your own name and not under 06s7d.

I dunno what else to say, except that I'm very tired and I haven't replied to my angel for quite some time and i heard she's not happy.

Have a happy week ahead and all the best for o levels results!
hihi everyone. think things are so dead around here. eh.. think v few ppl know abt the blog since it's stil under construction.. but u all shud start blogging liao. erpz. currently many ppl online.. in fact the most i've seen since.. 4eva (14 ppl) think it's cuz of ilp econs.

eh.. as founder of blog (an unappreciated job), shall say a few things..


1. we shud not talk abt e blog on egroups.. for reasons obvious.
2. ppl shud start adding themselves..
3. we need coding to be done.. v.v for links, tagbd, etc. (bensing?)
4. a new template shud be eh.. made soon? volunteers...? if not.. i oso duno. ^^ mayb kope fr blogskin. then again, it wun be prsonalised. zai shuo ba..
5. hope that the blog doesn't die after 2 mths or so. pls.pls.pls.
6. the angel-mortal box is not gonna be there aft v-day right? so where to put the *ahem* stack of "postCARDS"? ^^
7. the apples in the box r rotting.. jx pressed one after guitar today.. it's soft.. argh.
8. someone come up with something (anything) to replace ''awaiting.creativity'' which is there bcuz i can't think of anything appropriate watsoeva..
9. eh.. nth le. egrps will be for file stuff, while this is more random i guess.. so egrp lives on..
10. btw, this is jane.

that's all folks!

shall end with a sad note.. o level results.. = ( gd luck to all!

its late at night

yay everybody's offline and presumably sleeping save for me and jane...why does this class sleep so ridiculously early? lol. maybe i'll get influenced and my dark eye bags will finally sink into oblivion. perhaps if i slept early, i would save myself from inclinations to fall asleep during bio pracs and kana scolding.

i've just finished mutilating my portion of the econs ILP so that it will be able to squish into 3 pages...3 pages...really...its apalling. It will have to be so concise that it will barely contain anything. why double space? why 12? why arial? the only way we can negotiate around this is to extend the margins, which is a tad obvious, really.

and why do we have to have a familiarisation run? and on friday too!

i dont know why the heck im typing all this crap in the dead of the night when i ought to be sound asleep in my fluffy wuffy bed, and you're probably wondering why you're wasting 2 mins to read all this. i dont know. blame it on the inability to sleep. i shall go do some light reading. and fret over o's. i hope new pple come in, and nobody leaves, because how sad would that be? lets go watch xiao hai bu ben 2!

Adios my dynamic durians!
Wai Lumn

Random fact of the moment: ants do not sleep
Random fact of the moment 2 : The energy of a discharge of an electric eel could start 50 cars.
Random fact of the moment 3: i'm retarded.

Monday, 6 February 2006

proudly posted by a v tired me...