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Tuesday, 14 February 2006


Hey everyone, here's wishing u a very happy valentine's day!

yeah for me this has been a great experience... cos in chinese high it is a non-event... and it sort of feels like christmas/someone's bday... making/buying presents and giving... altho i spent a long time deciding on what to buy... i think the experience was overall quite fun.... and the best thing is that there is that feel-good mood in the air, so it is impossible to feel sian or unhappy =) wish everyday were like that...

Anyway, just wanna thank ms lin & those who shared their chocs after the debate in GP lesson... ate so many chocs my throat was feeling sore already...

btw, i have come to the conclusion that our class teachers are pretty cool... esp. miss lin & miss kwee... haha they are like on the same frequency as us so its quite easy to talk to them... and up to now, i still thank miss kwee for having 'hearing problem'.. if not my handphone will have disappeared by now...

ok i dunno what is the purpose of this post... maybe it is to make the class blog more active... everyone pls post more cos we dont want this blog to die out so fast, do we? other classes' blogs are still as active as day1 lor...

ok... once again, have a happy valentine's day!

and enjoy your run at macritchie tomorrow...

kai herng =)

PS. To andrew: hope you get well soon!

PS II. here are some random jokes to make u smile

1. why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

because he had no body to go with.

2. why was the tomato blushing?

cos he saw the salad dressing

3. okay and this is quite funny...

A little boy was visiting his grandmother and the young boy asked his grandmother,"grandma, how old are you"? She replied, "you shouldn't ask me questions like that". A few minutes past and the young boy asked his grandmother another question, "how much do you weight"? The grandmother replied, "you shouldn't ask me questions like that"!

The following week when the little boy went back to school he told his friends about the coversation he had with his grandmother and how he was unable to get an answer from her.

The little boy's friends advised him to look on her drivers license, all the information will be there. The next week when the little boy was visiting his grandmother he told her he knew how much she weighed and how old she was. The grandmother didn't believe him until he told her,"you weight 130lb., and you are 65 years old".

Then the little boy in a shyful way whispered to his grandmother,

"I also know you got an F in Sex".


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