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Saturday, 25 February 2006

a sad day

First came the debates...bei4 owned...but never mind, we have shown our strong spirit and "passion" by fighting this uphill battle. The three speakers have especially demonstrated their perserverance and determination, and they have definitely tried their very very best. Three cheers for Wee, Andrew and Jin Rong!! And three cheers for 7D!!

We may have lost, but surely we have grown stronger as a class. Jack had won the best speaker, but he has totally lost my respect for him. Besides doing personal attacks, he didn't have the courtesy to at least apologise or explain to us after the debates, unlike the two girls from the bench. He was not fit at all to be the best speaker, as well as a student leader. I shall never vote for him any more in future elections...>.< my laptop crashed...most prob due to serious prob...haiz...maybe for the next few days or even weeks, i may not hav a com to use...sobs...

Hopefully tmr's STJ would be fun...OOPS, just realised it has passed midnight...haha, ok, so hopefully TODAY'S STJ would be fun!


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