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Saturday, 11 March 2006


Feeling I decided to extend on the CMD concept

CMD discovered in non-CM humans
By: Gnis Nimajneb

Recent discoveries of the Chiasm Spongiform Mingsticus virus (or CMD for short), more commonly known as the laughing virus, in non-CM humans have sprouted worries that the virus has mutated to make non-CM to non-CM human transmission possible. A non-CM was spotted in a well-known institution in Singapore with the tell-tale symptoms of the disease, specifically absolutely nothing and almost everything. The patient has been admitted into the Institute of Unknown Diseases for further observation and has been labelled as patient zero. Till now, it is not determined how many other non-CM humans patient zero has been in contact with before being discovered.

The Singapore Health Organisation has placed Bukit Timah on the list of high-risk infected areas, and is currently funding research on a possible cure of the highly contagious disease. Meanwhile, the institution where patient zero was found has also undertaken the necessary precautions, which include the administration of high concentrations of Continuous Noise (CN), administered by Noise Inducing Educated (NIE) qualified specialists on non-CM humans suspected to have the disease. Recent fears, however, that the method of administration would cause extensive nervous and cranial damage have sparked harsh criticisms from the public. Ook Werdna, Associate Professor of 7DMF, suggests that the institution isolate non-CM humans who show signs of having the disease, in an attempt to curb its spread.

Meanwhile, the public at large need not worry. Although still largely unknown, the CMD virus need not be feared. The public, however, is advised to keep away from the Bukit Timah area, and be especially wary when anybody laughs.

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