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Thursday, 16 March 2006


actually i dunno what to put as a title, so i thought of "HI".

yeah hi everyone, its me. theres no need to laugh at this statement btw. cos i found that a lot of ppl think that im trying to be funny when im just making a random remark. then they conclude that i have very low lvl of humour. haha =)

very long nvr posted on class blog alr... think this is my second time in fact. anyway, lets talk about the class outing today.

hmm, personally i didnt find it very very fun leh... maybe i'll give it a 5-6/10 for entertainment and fun value only. ok anyway when i first came to Lot 1 to meet every1 else who were buying bubble tea, i actually had quite high expectations... thought it would be super-fun, which is what i thought of the STJ... u know after the STJ i really had sort of like hangover... cos it was all so funny and interesting and everything, so found my mind wandering back to last night (my hangover only lasted arnd 1 day). ok anyway not to say that this class outing was ultra-boring or anything, but that it just... felt short of my expectations. haha dunno how to put it.

ok so we went to ben sing's house. didnt play much tennis, altho most of the time was spent at the tennis courts. simply sat down and watched + G&B and just talk random stuff. oh, and we attempted to play truth or dare too but the game soon fizzled out... and i think like kat and cm are supposed to do some dares, but dunno what happened to them liao. maybe not daring enough. or they did already, but i forgot... haha =P

tried to play badminton with kat, shir li and ben sing. but wind was too strong, so we just went back to talk in the end. ok then there was this cute boy who wanted me to play his toy car with him. sometimes u just cant help being so attractive to small kids huh (ok to those who want to smash me/kill me/whatever me for this, plz forgive & forget. its a mei de. :) )

then after lazing around at the tennis court we went to laze around at the chairs & tables at the poolside. more G&B, and playing of board games...

ok.. this went on until a certain VIP arrived at CCK mrt.

poor cm, she thought the VIP was liang en. too bad it was just soon huat... if u wanna know more details about the scam, u can ask anyone who was there. haha we were all tricked...

ok after soon huat came it was more or less night time already. jr was voluntarily pushed into the pool. a certain other individual was supposed to join him too but too bad we couldnt get his hph out of his pocket. even on the pretext of using it to sms an impt person. haha

then we went up to ben sing's house to eat pizza & watch a bit of tv. oh and after that, played 2 rounds of mafia and then divided ourselves into the scrabble group, the hearts (i think) grp and the change-name group...hmm then the class outing more or less ended.

So thats what happened in a nutshell... yah actually maybe it wasnt so boring lah. its just that i thought that it was rather sianz at some pts in time.. still think we shldve watched a movie somewhere in between... of cuz with all the laughing going on, no one can be THAT bored. haha =)

yea... so thats it... cya all on mon. tue is founders day i think and theres the apollo idol thing... think the 1st few weeks of t2 will be quite fun and interesting =)


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