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Friday, 17 March 2006

kintups camp

HELLO! Yup shir li gave quite an accurate and detailed account of the sputnik camp. But I would like to share my view and my feelings. :D

Ok digressing a bit. Somebody, i'm not saying who but you know her very well, promised to be punctual, but... hehe oops was this supposed to be a secret?

Imagine the shock surprise we got when we realised that apart from the pple from our school (actually more like class, cos there was only one other guy not from our class who came from our school), the rest are secondary school students. And I guess the pple there thought we were sec4s too. Jaime managed to convince one person that she was sec4 from international school or something. Anyway, therefore, i felt kinda outta place. Like this whole thing actually wasn't really meant for us. It should be for the high school pple instead.

Oh but it was quite fun observing how niklas treats little kids younger students around him. Haha. Wanted to sabo him to go for some camp with pri4-6 kids, but he'll probably kill me, and then kill them. C'mon nik, LOVE THE CHILDREN.

Another positive thing about this camp is that, if i'm not wrong, the school paid for us so we got a free t-shirt, a free lunch, free notes, and for andrew, cm and nik, free water bottle for making kara turn left or right.

Erm. Apart from that, I think i'd rather do hw at home.

Aiyah ok lah, i enjoy crapping with nik and 'celebrating' when we became the last group right at the last minute. Oh and coming up with new scandals, and creating lame cheers, like "THREE! TWO! ONE! planck..." Ok ciao.


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