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Friday, 10 March 2006

the term

last day of the term.. a good time to look back on the past weeks..


and somehow it just made me quite sad that 1 out of 8 terms just pass us like that. 7 terms left. or maybe just 6. cuz the last term before As will just whizz pass us. or so i think. then again, fr experience of Os, it'll be the time when we will need each other most, supporting each other emotionally n helping each other out.. wailumn understands.. ha. it'll be memorable and bitter-sweet. or so i believe. ^^

even though the term was short n just passed in a blink of an eye (rather unbelievably quick.. how did it slip past just like that), it has brought many new experiences and lessons (both academically and otherwise..). i thank much of the class for that.

im grateful that our class is not one of the horror cases i've heard of (fr other jcs or other classes), where studying, doing tutorials or simply attending lecture will cause u to be an outcast. it's ridiculous..

7D has changed my life for the better.. and i hope it does so for all of us too. i believe it will..

rock on 7D!~


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