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Friday, 31 March 2006


hey two adverts!
number one! class tee...pple come up w/ designs and share w/ the class:) preferably we can settle this soon. hmm lets put a two week cap on it k? if by next next week fri no one comes up w/ a design, then whoever wants to (probably me and JR) will just anyhow design something out and u all will have that on ur class tee lol. so if u dont trust our art (please dont) start coming up with funkky apparel designs nowwwwww.
number two! class SL! ooi ok we got a few options
a) do some fundraising carnival thing
b) perform service for an org for a certain length of time (ie free labour)
c) other sort of fundraisers in school--selling certain items? services?
d) others?


  1. Fund raising ftw. Free labor is really stupid, and it is really pointless. You don't really learn much from it, you do grunt work most of the time, and if anyone asks you about it in the future (like for interviews etc..), you're going to have not much to say. "Uhh. I did data entry."

  2. old folks 0
    kids 12
    patients 0
    overseas 0

    monday 1
    tuesday 8
    wednesday 1
    thursday 6
    friday 4
    saturday 8
    sunday 6

    a year 6
    half a year 3
    a term 1
    half a term 1

    eh. hope these help? serve as rough gauge.. =)