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Saturday, 11 March 2006

Class outing

Heyy people,

Who's up for a class outing on Wednesday/Saturday afternoon? It's Wed/Sat afternoon..because thats the only time slots i am free ><. muahaha I am abusing my powers as asst. ct rep.

We have 2 options:
1) go east coast park
- cycle/skate !
- frisbee / beach volleyball!
- bowling!

2) go somebody's house
- mahjong!
- movie marathon!
- more lame games!
- more tokking cock!

suggestions? comments? and somebody to volunteer his/her house [if we choose (2)]?


  1. haha...why not both? we could make this a whole day affair... go to east coast/west coast/whichever is more suitable and play in the morning, have lunch outside, go to someone's hse in the afternoon and talk/play mahjong till evening...

  2. hm...saturday!!! haha I am free now on saturdays cos my piano lesson will officially end today (which is actually a very sad thing, come to think of it).

  3. If any let it be on wed.. i have competition on sat :/

  4. sat afternoon cannot..
    wed morning cannot..
    agree with kat: make it whole day, most probably wednesday..

  5. wed morning cannot.. eh.. n anyone's parents superstitious oso cannot.. =/ if it's option 2 (more fun!) that is..

  6. zefnar3310:02 pm

    agree with both... then we can go to the house of the person who lives closest to east coast park... ie. wai lumn? haha

  7. gd idea..will save travel time