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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What This Blog Means

Great to see the class blog so alive and kicking again, despite the fact that it has just been resuscitated. Only when the class blog was gone from the Internet did I realise how much I've missed 06s7d, and JC life in general. I found being one of the several addresses I type in the URL box of Internet Explorer whenever I open it (yes, I don't really care if I don't have Firefox or whatever), another address being that of my own blog (yes, I'm still a very narcissistic person) and some other websites and blogs I frequent (not for you to know). Even though I knew that the class blog had been taken down, removed, it still felt natural for me to type in that address.

And when the screen changed to say "Internet Explorer cannot find this page", I always inevitably feel a sense of loss, and a realisation that I actually really like the people in 06s7d and being a part of this group. I mean, I've always appreciated this class, though sometimes I know I've taken it for granted. Something thats really true about our class is that each of us are very true, sincere and we aren't the multi-faceted, sophisticated type of people able to change a side of us to show different persons at different times. And this is a value that less and less people have nowadays.

I guess this blog has evolved into a common space in each of our lives. Though we may be in different schools, different faculties, different camps, different units, different countries and time zones even, and however different our lives may now be, this blog remains a common space that we all share. It represents the similarities in us, where we all came from before we diverged onto such distinct paths in life after JC. It is at once a celebration of both our common 7D identity and our colourful diversity.

So yes, I do feel sad that three years' worth of interesting blog posts from the innocent days of JC have just been wiped off cyberspace like that. But what I'm more happy about is the fact, shown by how we still regularly check and post on the class blog, that we still care about this class, and care about each other. This was the reason why The Class Blog of 06s7d was resuscitated from the depths of cyberspace, and also why I'm sure it will continue to grow in the years ahead.

Stay in touch.

Kai Herng


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