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Saturday, 7 March 2009

my contribution!

Hello! As u can see, I am carrying out my promise to add content to the 'new' blog:)

It's really sad that our old blog's gone, cos it contained so many many memories, complete with photos and all, from orientation to class outings to hospital visit to CT sessions to totally random stuff. but i hope these memories are/will always stay with us!

Some things i miss about hc:
- class bench! every morning some people would try to do work while others talk about random stuff/ask ppl to 'stop mugging' (nik)/play using something they made out of free postcards and hand-written chemical symbols(?). and it was nice to see juniors hanging around too!
- $1 hotdog bun from the cafe (on tues)
- lunch time (xiao mi mi + HL choc milk + something from the hot dinks stall + the occasional ice cream from ppl trying to raise funds)
- being in E203/4/5, spinning in that chair, wondering why the room's so cold
- and so many more!!

ok that's all for now. someone else's turn!:) tyz promised. and nik? alvin?

cheers and seeya in june!


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