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Sunday, 22 March 2009


Hello, thank you for reviving the blog, I really missed it while it was gone! Thanks Adrian :) Really appreciate it.

It is the middle of the night now on Saturday and I'm still doing homework, which is rather pathetic (I bet alot of you have forgotten the feeling of homework...) but I'm happy to be busy too I guess. The weather is sort of warming up here, sort of. Rehearsals have been taking up my time too! We're having this Singapore day thing, Dia'spura. It centres around Singaporean identity in film and so on, on we're having Mr Brown and some Singaporean filmmakers over! (Boo Junfeng, Li-Anne Huang, Michael Wang and Mirabelle Ang, if you know who these people are) Anyway, on top of that, some really talented penn people wrote an entire musical (the songs are awesome, I swear) so I've been really busy with that, acting and stuff. Plus, we have a pseudo mambo night party, so that promises to be pretty fun.

Chern Wei's photos gave me an idea! Let's all post up one (or a couple of photos) which we feel best represent our life at this point. It will be very interesting, to see where all our lives are at this point. And then give them a title, just to point us in the right direction of how to interpret them. (I know we're going to end up seeing a lot of army photos...try and prove me wrong please.)

Ok, so I'll go first!

Title: I'm hot and I'm cold. (I know people are going to start singing "You're yes and you're no...")


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