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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Orientation 2009 - Rev it up!

On Friday, 13th of February, some of us went back down to the orientation campfire for our 09 batch of juniors. When I arrived, the performances at the hall had already begun and I made my way up to the second floor for a better view. Jane and SECOND-LIEUTENANT-Niklas were already there and Adrian joined us later.

The performances were hilarious and entertaining, and the Apollo one was the most politically correct of the lot and (therefore) successfully won the judges' hearts. The faculty dances for 08 and 09 were also featured and I felt that the Ares faculty dance was slightly better this year (although Apollo won the faculty dance competition this year :P).

After the performances in the hall, we moved to the open area for lighting of the campfire! I didn't get a good view, but I heard each faculty head lit up an individual trail of fire which all converged to the campfire. They also made the flaming Rev-It-Up move up and down, which was quite a memorable scene. Tried to find our teachers but could only get Mrs Soh. Saw quite alot of new teachers instead.

Some photographs taken by Frank Chen. Thanks Frank!

After the campfire, it was song and dance time! I got rather high, but Niklas, Adrian and Jane refused to join in, so pangseh. Next time more people should come leh, else no critical mass to get high. In the end I sang songs with other schoolmates (Hongfei, Shou Hao, Zeqi and more) and danced with a junior from 07S7B.

The orientation campfire really dug up all the wonderful memories I had in Hwa Chong. I really miss school! We should have a class outing soon :D


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