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Monday, 16 March 2009

From the depth of the past...

Hello my friends!

Click on the tiny link that reads 'Older Posts' at the bottom of the page!


You can now find posts starting from the last post by Yong Zi before the blog went 'poof', to Chern Wei's post on 15 Jan 2008 about the last class chalet!

I recently discovered them in the archive of my Google Reader =)

As for all other posts prior to 15/1/08, I'm afraid they are really lost forever...
[I only started subscribing to the class blog using the reader since Jan 15 :"( ]

And sorry for 'hijacking' all your posts, as Blogger now shows every post was posted by me! I have indicated the original author of each post in square brackets though. Everything else has been preserved in its original manner, including the date and time the posts were published. Hmm... the only things that couldn't be recovered were the comments and one YouTube video Jane posted that had been removed.

Meanwhile, cherish the memories! =)


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