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Sunday, 5 November 2006



Anyway.. details which you should all know..

9th Nov.
check in time: 3pm
checkout: 8:30am to 10:30am (10th Nov)

The girls will be organising all matters related to the BBQ. I hope. Or if they aren't this is the time when they will suddenly realise that they are organising all matters related to the BBQ, which will occur approximately 4 days from the time of posting.

JR will be generously donating his balls for fun and games.

There isn't much of an itinerary, so it's a good time to suggest stuff to do, else it'll end up free for all where everyone brings random games..

I'd suggest we get the following:
Try and think of group games
Various chemicals from chem lab for pyrotechnics
Raid Jaime's house and steal her Xbox

P.S. If you arn't going, please leave a comment, or tell me or something.. Else assume you're going. And dunno if MJ reads the blog, so Adrian, you go ask her out to a chalet ^^


P.P.P.S. Uhm, according to what I can figure out.. the easiest way there is to take mrt to Tampines, then take 29 for 22 stops. Yea. If anyone knows otherwise please inform us, k thnx


  1. (1 queen-sized and 9 single-sized)

    Who's taking the queen size bed?

  2. Who has an Xbox or PS2 to lend?

    Plus, would we want to go to the beach for beach volleyball etc?

  3. who can stay over night? (esp the girls)

    btw, "donating his balls" doesn't sound too good.. ><

  4. alvin1:04 am

    i got ps2. who got games to lend?

  5. omg alvin has a ps2.

    i got an xbox. with a distinct lack of games to go with it. i think i have a risk set too.. its quite big o_O.

  6. who is 06s7d? anw dunno if i can stay overnight. maybe can. maybe cannot. if that helps. haha.

  7. i think i have halo. but not 2.

  8. We should meet at Tampines interchange first, then take 29 to Cranwell road.

    Food and stuff can be bought at Tampines Mall before taking the bus (save ppl the trouble of lugging chunks of frozen food and burnt charcoal throught the mrt).

    And who is interested in renting bikes? =D