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Saturday, 11 November 2006

Mural Painting CIP

boo! im er.. back to bloggin by popular demand! yahahah. ok. no lah. im not. just that shirli demanded (ahem) that i blog abt mural painting today (maybe as a form of advert for fund-raising next week! 19th nov!) muahaha.

ok. so i slept from 5am to 1030am (dunno why i woke since the alarm is set at 12pm) and ate large breakfast n went to jamiyah's. could not find the 6 ppl (ben, alvin, kaiherng (ahah tempted to type sth else), kat, yongzi, and miaojing) who blended into wall or sth. white walls white aprons. took me awhile to find out what was going on (now im wondering why im bloggin about this since there's nth much that went on?) basically painted the whole day with limbs that were already aching alot. was in a huge mess before long and wondering if the apron really helps or what. >.< maybe the main purpose is to let the whole world know our (or at least mine) name which is written big and bold. oh well. at least i wrote. the rest didn't. guai1 me. the person ask me write then i went to write. bahh..

so painted till 8pm. by that time it was so dark (by my standards.. the rest could still see perfectly well) that i couldn't tell brown from black and argued about it till i gave in cuz i think my eyes got problem anyway. we finished the whole wall (YAY! IT'S A GREAT SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT! WHEEE! high5!) and left for dinner. oopz. wait backtrack. when we were (finally) done, we painted '06s7d' and '11.11.06' on the wall in white. took pic but it din really show up. but the yellow (YELLOW!) sunflower was really nice! ^^ woot! so nice! haha. -jumps around- so if anyone visits jamiyah (from anytime soon to 10 years later (by which they'd have repainted it? noooo.. *heartache*)) you all go look for the corner with YELLOW sunflower and admire the pretty writing (each of the 5 of us left at the end of the day took turns to write 06s7d!. kh wrote 0, kat wrote 6, ben wrote s, i wrote 7 (whee!), and mj wrote d!) and take pic with it and hopefully it shows up (instead of sth else.. hmm).

dinner was.. haha. ate things that tasted like toothpaste, nicely whipped potato prepared by some pro person (^^), and multiple other 'sick'/'exotic' things. has zhongjimima but it's like we're all wanting to eat the weird thing whipped up cuz it's really nice and not horrible tasting. even though it tasted bleah-ish. basically normal things mixed with other normal things to yield weird things (e.g. coleslaw + chilli). actually there's some amusing quotes from kh, but decided not to say it here. wahaha. *imagines kat laughin her head off* lol.

recipe for 'toothpaste'
1. root beer
2. pepsi
3. chilli
4. whipped potato
5. fatter (lol! ask ben)
6. chicken crispy crumbs
7. cheese
8. coleslaw juice (eew)
9. er.. mayb no more liao. anything else?

yep. hope we all won't get stomachache tmr! haha. i doubt it since we ate all of those individually and mixing them is also part of stomach's routine anw.

that's all for now! someone go blog about chalet!

~06s7d!!! <3

p.s. so who going next week? ^^

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