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Wednesday, 8 November 2006


hahah today's OP went well for everyone i hope :) at least for the morning batch, we were all fine and dandy and giggling and sniggering at each other. yay 7D

after which, we went to watch the prestige @ cathay orchard. well, I, CM, andrew, adrian and nik did anyway. soon huat, shir li, kai herng and alvin watched the covenant (which is now damned as fireball/boyband movie). the prestige was really really fab :) then we slacked around in yoshinoya for a really long time discussing the minute details of the movie. then, we started walking around aimlessly for a damn long time and looking for the "open-air temple" as advertised by a singapore biennale sign outside the cathay cineleisure junction. we didnt find it, but it did set us walking all the way past somerset, past dhoby ghaut and seemingly heading towards SMU (where shir li was enthusiastically shooing us towards in her eager endeavours to get her hands on...CAKE)


however, we daoed SMU, and got distracted by the Singapore History Museum, which, surprise surprise, was one of the sites for the biennale. Being the curious souls we were, we ventured forth, and lo and behold...we found...incomprehensible art. Not to say we didn't have fun though, because we had truckloads of it, coupled with intrigue and the sort of morbid curiosity that comes with being in a giggly group. the exhibits in SHM mostly revolved around the theme of death, its fantastical nature, the disillusions and the perversity of the human spirit in orchestrating the end.

There was a really morbid but nonetheless compelling video entitled "The last supper". No it was not religious, but more of the last meal death row prisoners are treated to. It may seem inane here, but it was a fascinating tool for illustrating revelations regarding human cruelty, crime & punishment and even normalcy in the face of impending doom. Then there were these particularly sick and suggestive scenes where some king in Burma survived an assassination attempt, put the guilty fellow and the rest of his family to death, but spared one daughter. Spared one daughter, chucked her in a tower and everyday, an executioner would peel off her flesh slowly and force her to eat it. eeeeeeeeee.

Fuelled by our artistic fumblings at SMH, we felt encouraged to head on to the next site of interest, city hall :) so we happily walked there, and here are a couple of pics. (taken with a k700i so thus the inferior quality)

in front of city hall steps...v nice right? :)

at an exhibit mocking the g8 summit...look at alll the smiling faces...

shir li was a bit too scared to be in this photo lol...she was afraid of the pple behind.

well, if you have a chance, do go for the biennale before it ends :) arty farty singapore forever! viva la biennale!


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