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Thursday, 23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Day! :)

Hey it's Thanksgiving Day (U.S.A) today! :) I am thankful for being in 06S7D...and that's because it's made up of nice individuals like:

1.Alvin: Thanks for being so funny and entertaining us :P and for tolerating me for PW. heh.
2.Cheryl: Thanks for for the cookies, cupcakes, pink pencil case (whee!) and most importantly, for being such a great friend to talk to. ^^
3.Adrian: Thanks for being someone whom we know we can always count on and for tolerating me for PW. :)
5.Wai Lumn: Thanks for being so sunny, cheerful and enthusiastic! You rock! :D
6.Andrew: Thanks for looking out for all of us during night cycling, and for always being such a helpful and caring friend. =)
7.Chia Ming: Thanks for your laughter! It lightens my mood ^^... And also for being a fun person to be with!
8.Irvin: Thanks for helping us with our school work! :)
9.Chern Wei: Thanks for being funny, cheerful, helpful and gentleman-ly! :D
10.Kai Herng: Thanks for being (or trying to be :P) funny and for driving the winter clothing industry (with ur cold jokes :P)...on a more serious note (ahem), thanks for being a nice, fun and trustworthy friend! =)
11.Soon Huat: Thanks for being a helpful n considerate friend, and a gentleman! ^^
12.Miao Jing: Thanks for being a nice friend to talk to, and for being caring! (:
13.Niklas: Thanks for being helpful (esp during night cycling), funny (esp with cm ard :P) and amusing (esp when u deadpan). =)
14.Katrina: Thanks for being a great friend, a nice person to talk to and for your hugs! Love ya! :)
15.Bensing:Thanks for being a really good homework helper :P and for being a nice, considerate and great friend! :D
16.Jin Rong: Hey i cant believe we're in the same class aft 9 years!! lol. anw, thanks for encouraging n teaching me during night cycling :), for being a trustworhty and helpful (eg.carrying jane :P) friend! ;)
17.Yong Zi: Thanks for being so funny/amusing and happy all the time! and for helping 2 carry d heavy stuff during chalet :D
18.Aaron: Thanks alot for your assurances and help during night cycling! :) and for being a funny (esp with alvin :P) and nice friend!
19.Liang En: Thanks for being a responsible CT rep, and for helping us wif our hw. :)
20.Jaime: Thanks for alw being the 1st person to smile n say "hello" to me every morning! And for your listening ear! :)
21.Jane: Thanks for being my sms/msn/guitar/class-mate! in short, thanks for alw being there for me! :)
22.Sean: Thanks for helping us, esp for PW! :)

ok. i do realise tt i have a limited vocab, and limited designs of different smileys >.< heh. sorry about tt. but anw, u get the msg: thanks everyone for making 7D a great class to be in! :) We rock!


  1. We stone! (quotes 'we rock!)

    Yep...anw I guess sb should thank you at least for putting this entry up! Didn't even realise it was thanksgiving =P (we're not Americans!)

    And I would like to thank everyone in 7d too for the fun and laughter and everything contributed to make our everyday in school enjoyable, to make our class chalet enjoyable, to make just being with u all enjoyable =D (there, a different smiley =P ok fine maybe I'm cheating haha)

  2. hey shirli! Thanks for being such a nice person And always smiley and encouraging! Also for taking over the role of a freezer from kaiherng occasionally! XD

  3. yay! thanksgiving! ^^

    thanks shirli! for being such a great friend/companion/reminder/alarmclockofsorts/lamer ahaha. and most of all, thanks for being you! responsible, caring, thoughtful, cheerful (at least u alw smile haha), approachable, amusing (lol. ok. IJ >.<), animated (ahaha. let's not overdo it..), whee!

    and 7d rocks ^^ thanks everyone for being so.. 7d-ish. wahaha. =)

  4. hey shir li! lol i guess there's mutual toleration during pw but thanks for being sucha a great grp member! econs ilp too if u rmb haha... And thanks 7D for being sucha woohoo class.

  5. zefnar3310:55 pm

    shirli! u rock too haha~~

    thanks for simply being who u are... we couldnt have had a better freezer-cum-responsible econs rep-cum trusty, friendly, willing-to-listen friend who's always optimistic all day long and never failing to brighten the day with a smile!

    thanks for being the way u are =)

    (ok tts a long sentence. haha)