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Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Class Chalet

YAY let's go out at 2 or 3 am to see trannies lol nvm
Another way there is to take bus 2 all the way to Changi Village. You can take it from Tanah Merah Interchange. When you get off, please do not stupidly walk towards the beach and assume the chalet is there as I have once done before. It is not. Walk towards the Le Meridien (it's a hotel) and generally walk uphill. After a nice long walk, the chalet should be around there ba. Hee. Hey girls, maybe after handing in I and R on Thurs at abt 9pm, let's go buy stuff? Then can go my house and marinate or something then go Changi after that.

Someone PLEASE bring mahjong :)


  1. i sincerely hope that meant 9am instead of 9pm :p

  2. I have another suggestion. Let's go Kboxing after handing our I&R.

  3. the mystery o6s7d guy is tyz. thats my prediction.