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Saturday, 22 April 2006


I was too tired to post this yesterday.
Soccer was fun(ny). Initially, I much expected myself to just stone there as the guys kicked the ball around. But because the netball court was so small, (but much bigger than the miserable, and er, quite redundant goal post), the ball was always within sight and I witnessed many funny stuff as people tried to interact with the ball. So most of the time, I was squatting down laughing. Funny stuff included:
1. Frequent out-of-court throw-ins :p
2. Chapteh-inspired kicks
3. Alvin's attempted formation of a one-man team :p
4. Ridiculous goal posts
5. Irvin's movie-like defence which prevented a potential goal
6. People laughing together

1 comment:

    we should play this more, and pretty soon all the girls will get their 6-packs from all the laughing...much faster than a certain someone will get his. muahaha. :P