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Sunday, 16 April 2006

Class outing

Meh, shall make my required fortnightly post.. or something like that.

Soo, there was a class outing, and for the first time in 4 years did I invite other people over. Mainly because my parents weren't around, which probably won't happen very often. I spent a decent portion of time walking in and out of the house in the pouring rain to guide people in.. Living in an wu lu place has it's cons. The funniest thing was Katrina and me having a communication breakdown, resulting in me thinking she got off at the wrong stop, so she walked back 2 stops in the rain with a file. I walked in the other direction. Adrian came along while we were walking in the wrong way and was being lost at the bus stop. People should follow Jane and take taxi; save me the trouble and the wetness.

We tried to watch Lost in Translation, but since everyone was engaging in random conversations, it resulted in none of us following the plot and becoming very confused. Then we decided to switch to a low-IQ movie, Airplane.

KH seemed to notice the low-IQ jokes faster then the others for some reason. Won't say why. Thanks go to people who brought food, since that means I didn't need to go look for any of my own =p (I still have a packet of popcorn, no idea what to do with it =/)

After that people went to play cards while I went to ferry CM. On the way in, she laughed at Jaime's father for some reason. I think she'll leave a bad impression.

We watched airplane 2 halfway, but the jokes weren't as good this time round, so we decided to go for dinner halfway through. We spent approximately 20 mins making our way to serangoon garden, after I had caught my dog (someone didn't close the gate and I didn't know >.<), and went to eat at a food court. I guess everyone was too hungry and didn't want to walk around first. We saw these interesting stalls next to each other: Soon Huat's pigs organ soup or somethng, and Ah Seng confectionary. Wonder what the connection is ^^

After that, we all went our ways and I went back home. Whoo. And had to clean up the mess the next day =( (Okay, there wasn't really much anyway).

Next time, we can crash someone else's house. *coughcough*


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