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Saturday, 8 April 2006

More about Sabbaticals

Registration for sabbaticals is sucha stressful process. I managed to register for iceskating and am now waiting to register for my second one. Congrats to yongzi who managed to register for both already.

Regarding adrian's point of not being able to sign up for two at a time... I have a friend who actually managed to do it. So here's a tip in case we encounter this again:

About an hour (or a time early enough so it doesn't lag) before the registration starts, open TWO windows that show the list of courses. Then select one course in one window and the other course in the other window. Then wait, or camp till the time comes, and click submit on both windows at the same time. Then wait for the successfully registered message to appear and you're done. Yongzi also spammed a lot of windows at the same time but all are signing out for the same course so he had to spend another 1.5 hours getting the second one.

Ok it's been two hours. I can't believe i'm still at the com. The server needs to be revamped to handle heavy traffic. Sian. Bye!


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