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Sunday, 23 April 2006

8 qualities thingy

Darn, you should've backed out, then I wouldn't have to do it.. =/

Anyway, for the continued survival of our sad class blog, I will proceed to list a bunch of qualities.. joy. Disclaimer: By reading the following, you hereby agree not to manipulate or warp my statements in any way and use them against me in any way.

1) Smart/intelligent: Since I tend towards being slightly elitist, I wouldn't be able to respect a partner who is approximately or smarter then me. And my ego tends to inflate that amount slightly =/

2) Pretty/cute: Superficial, yeah I know. But looks do matter despite all those 'don't judge a book by it's covers etc', and there probably wouldn't be any initial interest for anything to follow.

3) Nice personality: Unique, nice, blahblah.. fairly standard.

4) Extroverted to some extent: Since I tend to be introverted, I probably wouldn't take the first step. I would also lead a very sad social life if both of us were to be introverted.

5) Able to 'click': Since I suck at starting topics etc, need to have alot of common interests.. (omg, rip-off from kat)

6) Likes me for who I am: Doesn't attempt to change me, etc, since I find it rather annoying. Maybe prolonged exposure will change me naturally, but I'd rather not others force their views on me.

7) Understanding: Though I don't intend to get into anything soon, I forsee alot of commitments etc, and hence she should be able to understand if I don't have time etc.

8) (for the lack of things) Not-poser: Since I despise people who tend to jump on bandwagons, posers who like to follow the masses in doing un-unique things. I find it reflects poorly on their individuality, and a lack of self-esteem.

There, that's it. Now those people that agreed to do after I did can do or something..


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