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Thursday, 27 April 2006

hey pple

hello hello hello

first and foremost, cheers are in order

a) because rudy lee has postponed the ILP due dates so hip hip hooray for that :)

b) for Chern Wei. hahaha yay 7D owns we have a vice pres :) dont be disappointed i think now every cloud has a silver lining. i guess some things were not meant to be and maybe things will turn out for the better yarh...

i think the 8 qualities thing is dead funny and cute lol its v. fun reading what our classmates want in their future partners...haha i guess in a way it sort of reflects their personality as well right? What we want very much hints at our own character and some times when we think we're examining others, we're sorta thrusting ourselves out to be examined too. ok nvm im starting to make us sound like onion cells under a light microscope. something to think abt though...i mean all these lists...haha someday when we find someone i think it's v doubtful that they'll fulfill all the criteria listed. and i dont think we're exactly going to be ticking a checklist and sorting out people into 'accepted' and 'rejected' piles (the prospect is rather fetching lol) for all we know the person could turn out to be completely and utterly different from whatever we wanted/expected, like a complete antithesis of sorts, but yet when you click you just click i guess.

for other things you can aim for what you want, and if you think it's not enough, you can go hey, dont settle for it. (ya wen has brainwashed me lol) but i guess with people it's different. Even with friends or family, we dont consciously think, hey this guy isn't stimulating my mind with intellectual conversation that intensifies my neuron connections so therefore he's immediately off my list as an acceptable friend/family member. same with partners i suppose. haha of course there are some things everybody knows they will never be able to accept in some pple (i quote: "*mad laughter* level 2 in skill B! you suck! *mad laughter*" or something of a similar nature lol) you get what you get and i guess if that person happens to click and you can accept that he/she is lacking in some ways and more than makes up for it in others, and you adore the person for it anyway without complaint, i guess thats the beauty of human relationships:) any thoughts on the subject?

anyway, going out on saturday night? celebrate ben's birthday and chern wei's appointment :) will confirm again.


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