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Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Disclaimer: The following is random content generated by smashing the keyboard randomly. Any semblance to any known language is purely coincidental; there are no ulterior motives or meaning in the following characters. Reading on is pointless. The author takes no responsibility as to what thoughts the reader might encounter while reading the following random text.

It is 7pm, the day before our GP preliminary examinations, and I find myself engrossed completely in doing nothing. It is an exquisitely exotic thing to do amidst the growing stress of examinations and peer pressure, and thus I shall make full use of the opportunity to fool others into being distracted from actual study, thereby shifting the bell curve and hopefully ensuring that my placing will be improved. Muhahaha. It's also an excuse to randomly write and hopefully improve my linguistic capabilities, but that's not the point. And you are not supposed to realise that. Consequentially, I will thus embark onto a tirade of ramblings that will be generally unrelated and I have put no planning into beforehand. You should be able to tell this by now, because thus far there has been no point. None, zero, null, cipher, nada, zilch. Brilliant, is it not?

Firstly, we shall explore the various intricacies of ninjas. Ninjas are cool. So are jedi. What would be cooler would be jedi-ninja. But since the discussion is not about jedi-ninja we shall refrain from being tangential and focus primarily on ninjas. Although jedi-ninja will be liek so uber kewl wif liek throwing-sabers and saber-chucks. I'd hate to be hit with a saber-chuck. Then because they're so ultra cool they'll eat .. waffles for breakfast. See, when normal people make threats they promulgate things like "I eat weaklings like you for breakfast." The jedi-ninja will then promptly reply "I eat waffles for breakfast" The sheer magnitude of this declaration coupled with its truth will undoubtedly shatter the simpleton's mind and break him, reducing him to a cowering excuse for a human. But back to the point. Ninjas have yet to achieve the mastery that the epitome of humanity, jedi-ninjas, have achieved, in lieu of this they have something which jedi-ninjas lack! Publicity! Ninjas are fairly well known, unlike their superior counterparts, which an article in science weekly attributes to the fundamental aspects of human nature; the innate egoist which rejects the notion of beings far superior than oneself. Ergo, people do not believe in the existence of jedi-ninja despite mounting evidence of their existence. Furthermore, jedi-ninjas are modest beings, the natural antagonist of the odious, ostentatious pirates. These upstarts are nothing more than mere turpitude, their ability with swords elementary at best, their morals depraved. Yet pirate-worshippers are seemingly ubiquitous, oblivious to the fact that all their praise and support would be rendered nugatory by a single jedi-ninja. Well, to be fair a ninja would be able to decimate hordes of pirates too, but it might take him more than 3 seconds.

Therefore! I conclude that in the absence of ruling power society will collapse into Warre, in which a warre is one of every man against every man, and consequentially nothing may be unjust for without a common Power there is no Law, and where there is no Law there is no injustice.



  1. Google define:
    turpitude - depravity: a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice; "the various turpitudes of modern society"
    nugatory - of no real value; "a nugatory law"

    And what's with the use of archaic English?

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    damn. this is what i get when smashing the keyboard randomly :D