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Sunday, 12 August 2007


whee! since i owe the blog alot of photos (since forever) and i've alw been persuading people to send/bluetooth me stuff to post, here they are!! ^^ enjoy!

oh. and what's with blogger refusing wl? =S

and why are the images all over. oh no. i don't know how to post this...

uhm. oh no. i can't find the mural painting pix kh wanted me to post very long ago. =x

this was the caterpillar we tortured till it uhm poo-ed eons ago.

shall just post one more..

my friend thinks we should have this as class jacket -.=
and this is the killing of 2 birds with one stone. as in.. there were supposed to be twins in this egg that was to be my lunch. ow. so sorry. >.< if you can tell, there are 2 egg yolks in the egg there.. =D
that's all! =))
have a great week ahead! ^^


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