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Thursday, 30 August 2007

hey pple! this is prob my first time blogging in quite a while cos i rmb my blogger was down for quite a while, and then when it was up and proper, i had nth to blog about. :P

anw, just wanna thank u for ur enthusiasm in replying to my msg for mr lee's prez... shir li, jaime and i went to give it to him and it was def worth remembering..he opened it and immediately started smiling..he fingered the picture and smiled even more..he asked if we understood the french words and asked us to pronounce it (which i did, and he even said it was not bad :P)...haha..don't think he knows that i took french before..i didn't realy declare it cos my french wasn't tt good, and i didn't want him to speak to me in french in class..(having to take the O's kinda takes all the joy out of the learning, seriously). anw, he thanked us for the gift, and altho he's really a man of little words, all of us cld just feel the happiness radiating from him:)

anw, here are some of the ideas that i compiled from the smses and emails..special thanks to soon huat and bensing for going the extra mile in helping me out! :)

RuDy Lee
high affinity for all other elements.
Rich- same group as gold or carb-diamond allotropes
Jin Rong:
high affinity for branded belts
emits sounds like “irrelevant” when properties are further investigated
forms strong inter-student bonds via forces involving pizza
Kai Herng:
CT stands for chong tai and civics tutor
high affinity for pizza and armani exchange belt
Liang En:
high affinity for carbon and all organic compounds
catalytic metal
Soon Huat:
fusing two elements Ruthenium (Ru-101) and Dysprosium (Dy-163), the new element has been coined as Ruthdystronium (RuDy-264)
RuDy is also to found to be highly unreactive and many reactions possess a high activation energy rendering them non-spontaneous.
reactive towards Bismuth (Bi-209) and Bi tends to form a belt around the element on the x-y plane. And together with the treatment of solution containing Americium (Am), it is then found be reactive towards noble gases Argon(Ar-39.9) and Xenon(Xe-131) and similarly form belt around the x-y plane.
Wai Lumn:
high affinity for water, likes scuba diving
very miscible with 7d, high solvent solute interactions
highly unreactive even in extreme conditions - inert
it is still unknown if it can form a stable compound with Wo
shows passing charges as it often forms as pass-ion
catalyst for the learning process
Descriptions of rudy lee (replace 'Rd' with the corresponding atomic symbol u gave it ^^)-----------------------------------(suggestion by ccb: put him as element 111, below gold and silver, atomic symbol officially Uuu, but who cares? :D)
1. Rd exists as a monoatomic element.
2, Rd is a catalyst of mark increase by lowering our activation energy, putting us in the right orientation and attitude towaRds chemistry.
3. Up till now, no stable compounds of Rd and another element of the opposite sex has been discovered. (He's still single! :D)
4. Rd is HOT. (Rd is actually radioactive bah, in other words hot haha)
5. Rd is most commonly found in Mauritius, but an abundant source of it has been recently discovered in Singapore.
6. Rd is rather inert.
7. Rd is often found as a pure compound. Sometimes, though, elements of the opposite sex may be found together with it.

Element: Ruthdystronium (RD-264), commonly known as Rudidium or Ahsenic
Symbol: Rd
Discoverer: 06s7d, 2006
Atomic Mass: 264
Location: Rd is most stable in Mauritius, but it has been seen to exhibit similar stability in Singapore.
Application of appropriate amount of pressure will result in the physical manifestation of Italian cuisine.
Further application of pressure will cause it to emit sounds of “irrelevant”.
Physical properties:
Rd exists as a monoatomic element.
Rd is inert, and highly unreactive even in extreme conditions. Many reactions possess a high activation energy, rendering them non-spontaneous.
Rd is radioactive (HOT).
Chemical properties:
Rd is a catalyst of mark increase by lowering our activation energy, putting us in the right orientation and attitude towaRds chemistry.
Despite being highly unreactive, it shows passing charges as it often forms as positively-charged pass-ion.
Ability to form a complex with Bi(llabong), which tends to form a belt around the element on the x-y plane. Following addition of Americium (Am), it is able to undergo ligand exchange with Ar(mani) and Xe(hange) which similarly form a belt around the x-y plane.
Ability to form complex with compounds found in Blackberries.
Highly miscible with compound 06S7D because of its ability to form intermolecular bonds involving pizza with it, where the energy released from the solute-solvent bond formation is more exothermic than the energy required to break solvent-solvent and solute-solute bonds.
Potential hazards:
Hallucinogen that penetrates the CNS, inducing deception in the subject on the real difficulty of certain chemistry questions

yep..too bad i didn't take a pic..anw, there were many female teachers swarming his desk after that to look at the photo frame...apparently his charge density is truly very high.

anw, all the best everyone for prelims! :):)

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  1. haha no prob about that kat!! WE shud be thankin u for coming up with e idea =D and besides, anythin to make mr lee happy on teachers day after all!