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Saturday, 11 August 2007


In a bid to float this blog alive.

[Thank you Peishan for these two]
1) A man pushed a car to a hotel and went bankrupt. Why?
2) Mother and daughter were travelling home on a train. Mother went to the toilet, and came back to find her daughter missing with a cloth on the seat. What happened?
[Thank you Voon and Jane for this]
3) A man went to a restaurant and ate some seagull meat. He then went out and shot himself. Why?
[Thank you Voon and Tay for this]
4) A man was driving along the road. He then got out from the car, took out a gun and shot himself. Why?
[Thank you Voon for this]
5) A naked man was found dead in a desert with a matchstick in his hand. What happened?
[Thank you TYZ for this]
6) A man was found dead in a house holding a coke can with a small hole in it. What happened?

1) Ask any question.
2) A reply will be given, which could be yes, no, or irrelevant to the solution.
3) Have fun guessing, to those who have not already.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility for the accidental release of spoilers anywhere on this blog, or in any conversation held online, in real life, or in a blog entry or forum post, whether it be on purpose or accidental. And thanks extends to anyone in general who played a role in thinking of these nice scenarios.


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