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Saturday, 28 October 2006


:D hello 7D! Good job jaime you kept our class blog alive hahaha.

Yesterday was SCREAM:D actually it was more funny than scary,esp when councillors start laughing to themselves in the middle of trying to scare u.HAHA i really cracked up in the maze. but good job anyway councillors:) we didn't get to go on the trail in the end cos ran out of time,which was quite disappointing,so our class just trooped down to E block and stupidly tried to crash.and er got caught by wailumn:P

Anyway while waiting for the sad trail that we never went on,we all went to watch horror movies.i discovered that i'm a wimp ahahha omg sorry to kat and nik who went deaf and ben sing who got traumatized (and prob deaf too):P seriously up till last night i never knew that people actually could jump out of their seats at scary parts. oh and good advice to everyone: do not watch horror movies with nik he says weird stuff and covers his ears at scary parts.lousy!! ok im too lazy to continue thats it BYE:D


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