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Wednesday, 11 October 2006


Disclaimer: Poster of this message is in no way responsible because it is highly likely he was hacked like all the other hacked accounts! Therefore he cannot and will not be held responsible for any comments within this post as he has not made them. Reading any further then this disclaimer means that you have agreed with the logic and agree not to hold the apparent poster liable for any comments. Failure to do so will "not" result in a killer penguin death squad backstabbing you in the middle of the night.

Anyway, since it's like after promos and I'm bored out of my wits, I developed the brilliant plan to bore others out of their wits! This way I might effectively transfer bored quota to others, and since the 42nd law of waffleton states that "Boredom cannot be created or destroyed", this boredom might effectively come from me! Therefore, I would be effectively less bored at the expense of you. Muhahaha! And since you already started reading this it's too late for you to repent and change your mind, because all your excitement are belong to us. (Who understands that joke?)

Soooo, phase B of the uber boredom induction plan: Pointing out random trivia.
Ever noticed that studies seem to have one problem? That they seem to require you to be able to do something that you are not actually competent in? I mean, take for example the sciences. Like chem. Why in the world do they test our art skills? I mean, what's with all the evil graphs. And minusing marks for ugly graphs! We should be allowed to describe the graphs directly in scientific terms! Not draw! (Maybe because I tend to be missing a pencil alot but that's not the point), we need to be able to draw graphs pixel by pixel! Alternatively, they should be fair to the weaker students. Color blind students are allowed to ask for help for identifying colors. Art-impaired students should be allowed to ask for help for drawing graphs. It's only fair. So next time we have spa, people like me should be allowed to ask teachers whether my graph looks correct, until i get it right!

Then we have the biology part of chem! I mean, look at the new notes (which weren't tested). It's a direct rip off from biology notes! They just look all too familiar. And that seems rather hypocritical no? All the anti-plagiarism for PW and stuff like that, and when we arn't looking, they go around and rip off bio notes! EVIL!! We must boycott these notes and burn them along with chem effigies, while dancing around big bonfires and chanting obscure stuff.

And Bio. Ewww. More evil art stereotypes. What's it with them and demanding perfect penmanship? We should be getting bonus marks for bad hand writing because that's just the makings of a future doctor! Not get penalised and stuff like that. It's elitism at it's worst, having such stringent and harsh demands that things actually be /legible/. Arn't they the bio department? Shouldn't they have special psychic-mind-reading devices that can just extract the knowledge from our minds and grade us on that? Speaking of which, why do they test physical fitness? Horrible time limits strain your arm muscles to the maximum, you need to train for ages just to be able to complete the bio marathon. It's so unconducive to nerdy muggers who have weak and frail arms with big bulbous brains, and cannot complete the paper on time because the lactic acid eats through their hand!

Speaking of which, there's econs. Apart from all the physical fitness testing, they test your art skills in drawing graphs, like other subjects, AND they test your GP! Must have weird arguments and explanations in gp terms, with pros and cons and what not. Then somemore can go offtopic and fail one. Terrible, terrible. Coupled with statistical analysis and math with all those case studies requiring you to do weird funky calculations and addition and what not, imagine the poor students who don't take math! They'd be so screwed, they'd just blank out and wonder what percentages are and stuff. Tsk, once again, a sure sign of elitism.

And GP! Urgh, they test you on geog and history. Not to mention penmanship once more. MOE is just plain evil, first they let you 'specialise' in subjects in JC, then they force everyone to take GP which essentially means you need to be able to write geog essays, or science essays, or random cynical essays which are essentially KI! What sort of choice are we given here? It's just a secret farce to give one the illusion of choice, when in fact there is none! EVIL!!

Last but not least there is.. MATH! It's like completely a humans subject! You even need to learn a new language with funky new grammar, known as mathematical notation! Then there's the secret abstract art you need to be able to know when drawing graphs such as the open and closed circle thingy which i can never get. I mean, it's supposed to be a 1d line! why is there a fat 2d circle? Somemore the circle so big so sure go past that mark.. Oh, and they test your english language skills by asking you to write weird explanations.. "Assume that blabla bla, is blabla, for all blabla..." Then when you don't write it believing that cos it's a math exam you DAI. Like a certain person from a certain country who lost a certain mark in this certain exam, preventing him from getting this certain high score.. It's prejudice I tell you!

... Okay I can't think of more lame stuff to put. Please be bored. I need to pass away boredom, and I'll be grateful. kthnxbai


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  1. What you said is SOO true...haha =D