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Monday, 8 October 2007

monday, october 8

Hope your hand gets well soon, JR :)

Right now, Nik and I are talking about the VJ H3 question, the one about indole, or 2ciii) to be accurate. I feel that the Net is a double-edged sword. Firstly, it enlightened us on one possibility that breaking the bonds in benzene would lead to a loss of aromaticity, hence indole prefers substituting at the 3 position. Ok haha shall not post my thought processes out here -.-

(EDIT: I realised my post is halfway done, yet I still published it oO. Okays anyway why is the Net a double-edged sword? Cos secondly, it makes us confused as well. Soo damn confused. Right nik? About imines and enamines of indole ><)

HAHA NIK JUST ASKED: do N groups with lone pairs count as chiral carbons?

And immediately after that, "eh wait -.-".


(Thanks nik btw for being so nice and allowing me to quote this!)

Jia you everyone! <33

Ben Sing


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