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Sunday, 14 October 2007



For once I won't be writing a long winded and pointless mini-essay, so fear not, and actually read on. Anyway, our current plans for the chalet have been //pwnt by bureaucracy and red tape. (apparently it takes 1 week to apply for the ability to book chalets), and the chalets on 10 11 we were looking for are all gone.

So, the auxiliary plan as it stands now is to book on 2,3 jan. (That means 3d2n, check out on 4th). An added bonus is that this will no longer be peak period so it should be dirt cheap. Probably <$5 per day/pax.
While we do realise that [this] means Irvin is not going to be able to come because he books in on 15th dec, iirc [if I remember correctly], I figure that this is probably the most acceptable option (Since we're not going to be able to book any chalet in dec in the first place), so uhh.. sorry Irvin >.< We can always try to do something else during the hols as well, eg BBQ at someone's place or something

Soooo, dissenters should voice their objections asap. And give a[n] alternative plan. If not, please keep the first week of the new year free, and good luck for A's.


[the editor strikes!]

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