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Friday, 30 June 2006


Hello everyone:) It's been soo long since i last posted i shall now do my part to revive the class blog (unlike jane..who is being very very lazy). Firstly today is a gd day cos blocks are over (for our class at least). haha yep its quite an important event so i must say again. TODAY IS A GD DAY COS BLOCKS ARE OVER (FOR OUR CLASS AT LEAST). hurray!:D

Anyway in the morning it was so fun studying bio..haha cos half the time i was playing..oops. And i think kat was going a bit mad too;) haha ok i resolve to study quietly and not disturb others so much next time. Oh then halfway through doing bio paper, mrs foo tapped me on my shoulder and kindly reminded me that next week onwards she'd better see NO MORE THAN ONE EARSTUD PER EAR. whoa so scary, she made me lose my train of thought for a few secs haha. Anyway that was quite random.

Oh AFTER bio half the class went for lunch and movie. Tsk ppl who cannot eat fast shouldnt buy their food so late=D Oh and I successfully safeguarded the 11 tickets..unlike soon huat who was quite incompetent=p haha ok i think this is a gd achievement. Yup so then we went to watch SUPERMAN RETURNS! Superman is so shuai la haha.. so now I finally think Wailumn has good taste. The movie's nice la, even with Nik the skeptic giving a running commentary throughout the whole show hahaha. Hmm did I mention that Superman is shuai. haha. Oh and the little boy's so cute, but of course the person beside me was being skeptical as usual and trying to ruin my impression of him. but happily i was not swayed=D

Later the guys went home and the girls went SHOPPING=D omgosh so fun even though we didn't get much. But we got someone's nice present!:) Oh and wailumn wanted to take neoprints so we went to go and take neoprints. and during the deco part not only did everyone keep putting funny things like popcorn and little animals around my face, they erased all the stuff i wrote on the neos. which personally i think was quite nice haha. then they went to rewrite the exact same thing NICELY, according to them. like there's a difference..haha..

Yup so today was a FUN DAY and everyone should go watch SUPERMAN!!=D


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