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Sunday, 4 June 2006


:) hello sorry i havent been blogging so long!~
it completely slipped my mind to do GP essay until kh reminded today (thanks v much) but i am under imminent threat of getting 0/50 (please no) so am praying real hard.

anyway: JR and Jaime happy bday! happy happy 17th! sorry i couldnt go for the movie i sprained my ankle again on the second night of drama performance :P shit right. now i really cannot do NAPFA le. basket. but hey u guys should really have come for drama! it rocked! ask Magee (Andrew) and Aaron and Alvin and Kai Herng :) it was magical lol.

yay my sabbats--salsa fever dance camp. it was real real real fun! hahahha at first we just learnt the basic steps which was shuffling back and forth in 3 counts each (kinda hard to explain here) then we learnt a lot of other cute basic movements to go along with the basic steps. my sabbat group was full of girls with only 3 guys but it was still great fun cos we ended up pretending to be guys for partnerwork anyway. the instructor was a nice fellow, really, v patient and humorous. plus the great thing is that even when we're taking breaks, we're not exactly slacking cos he plays relevant videos and we watch them diligently. the studio is in this chinatown shophouse and they're very nicely decorated and stuff lol. they all had poles in the studio itself (i guess cos they sort of specialise in pole dancing lol) and it was seriously a fab experience. no irritating pple around and everybody was dead nice and we had air-con all day, which is always a plus.

i heard the shanghai pple did more shopping than CIP lol jking jking. but i bet it was fun though? how was it ben? i heard it was fab. thailand ocip pple were v happy too.


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